BIOL 6653: Refugee Health and Advocacy

Student Leaders: 
Margie Thorsen, MD19; Kiersten Sapp, MD19; Emily MacDuffie, MD19
Faculty Adviser: 
Dr. Carol Lewis

This course introduces the principle themes of refugee health.  The course progresses chronologically, addressing first the health concerns of internally displaced people and then of refugees settled in "temporary" camps.  A session will then explore the process of refugee resettlement in the US, with focused attention on the legal, educational, and financial logistics of the six-month resettlement phase.  We will then move on to explore health care in the context of US resettlement, starting with the immediate refugee health assessment and then delving into the persistent challenges of barriers to access, chronic medical issues (including disease of mental health), and language gaps.  This chronology is covered in classroom sessions with host guest speakers and assigned readings.