BIOL 6658: Medical Impact of Translational and Basic Science

Student Leaders: 
Kimberly Bowerman, MD19; Eric Tung, MD19; Madeline Wozniak, MD19; Se-Young Yoon, MD19
Faculty Adviser: 
Phillip Gruppuso, MD

Medical Impact of Basic and Translational Science will provide first and second year medical students of all levels of scientific background the opportunity to participate in intellectually engaging discussions led by prominent medical school faculty in a small group setting.  A class of 8-10 students will discuss, on a biweekly basis, the original literature describing the discoveries behind many of the key topics taught in the first year curriculum.  By the conclusion of the course, students will have deepened their knowledge of topics taught in the first year as well as strengthened their understanding and appreciation for the science that is responsible for where medicine stands today.  Students entering the course are not expected/required to have any experience reading basic or translational literature.  A maximum of five papers will be discussed throughout the semester and there will be additional lecture-based sessions related to careers in academic and translational medicine.