Fluency in English

Please note that the TOEFL (or other English language) exam are required for your application to be considered, it is extremely  beneficial in reviewing your application.

For those who have taken the TOEFL, your total score must equal 100 or higher.

For those who have taken the ILETS exam your score must be in BAND 9.

We have had significant feedback in recent years from elective rotations regarding the inability of some international students to speak and understand English, particularly in a fast-paced hospital setting. Some of our clinical rotations will no longer accept international students for this reason. Therefore, students applying from medical schools where English is not the language of instruction, must have the Dean of their medical school vouch for their fluency in English and submit a letter attesting to the student's use of written and verbal English sufficient to communicate with patients, medical faculty and others.

Students who are scheduled and participate in a clinical elective at Alpert Medical School but are found to be lacking adequate English language skills may be withdrawn or reassigned from their scheduled electives.