Visiting students are responsible for their own room and board. It is strongly recommended that you make housing arrangements prior to arriving in the Providence area. Housing can be expensive and difficult to find on a short-term basis.

After a student's application is fully complete, the student will receive a welcome email along with a housing referral list. The housing referral list includes accommodations, close to the Brown Campus, rented out by Brown employees with average monthly rents of $650.

Dormitory housing may be available to you at Rhode Island Hospital (at the cost of $500 per month), if you sign up for clinical electives at Rhode Island Hospital, Hasbro Hospital, Miriam Hospital, or Women & Infants' Hospital. This accommodation is spartan and not recommended for a long stay. When notified of your schedule, you will be asked if you need housing at Rhode Island Hospital.

When making housing decisions, understand that Providence is a city.  It has desirable areas to live and also less desirable or somewhat unsafe areas. 

An additional resource for housing is the Brown University Auxiliary Housing Office which lists advertisements from people wishing to find roommates or to sublet at http://www.brown.edu/Administration/Auxiliary_Housing/Listings/.  Be aware that on-campus auxiliary housing can be VERY expensive.


Alternatively, check out the Regency Plaza Apartments in downtown Providence at http://www.chr-apartments.com/regency-plaza-apartments.  This is an expensive option.