Apply for Aid - Master Programs

The Alpert Medical School (AMS) Office of Financial Aid can assist students who may not have the financial resources to meet the full cost of completing their Master program. We can help students navigate through the complexities of financing their education with federal and private loans.  

The 2019-2020 Master of Medical Sciences Cost of Attendance provides an example of the expenses you will incur during this year long endeavor.  

We encourage students to prepare a budget to manage educational and living expenses and live as frugally as possible during this time to keep borrowing at a minimum.

Students may apply to borrow two types of federal loans by completing the FAFSA with prior-prior year income and present day asset and household information.   Alpert Medical School's code for the FAFSA is E00059.

Available federal loans for graduate students consist of:

  • Unsubsidized Direct loans up to $20,500 and
  • Graduate PLUS Loans with credit approval up to the cost of attendance. provides more details on the terms of this loan type. 

We have recently added a private loan information tool, Fast Choice, comprised of private commercial lenders for the purpose of financing school costs in conjunction with Brown University.  Please visit the Fast Choice website for private loan comparisons.  Consider discussing your options with us prior to accepting your loans.


For more information, please review our 2019-2020 Master of Science in Medical Sciences Financial Overview for New Students.  


Please email the AMS Office of Financial Aid with further questions at  [email protected]