External Scholarship and Loan Opportunities

There are several scholarship and loan options available to students that are not federally or institutionally funded.   Please read one of our medical student's scholarship success stories to help with your search: 

The best return on investment I'll have in my life

External Scholarships are offered through organizations outside the Alpert Medical School community. Financial aid applications are located on our website and on the Helpful External Scholarship Website Listings such as SPIN.

External Loans are offered through organizations outside the Alpert Medical School community and are usually low-interest loans offering favorable terms to qualified students. Our  external loan database is worth a look!

Federal Scholarship Programs can reduce and, in some cases, eliminate debt altogether. Please familiarize yourself with our federal scholarship program listing. The Yellow Ribbon Scholarship Program is available to eligible veteran or dependent of an eligible veteran.

Loan Repayment Programs offer fourth-year medical students and residents financial assistance in exchange for serving underserved medical communities.

AAMC Repayment/Forgiveness and Scholarship Programs is a searchable database and provides detailed information about many of the state and federal programs available to medical professionals.