The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) has created several useful financial tools.   The FIRST program - Financial Information, Resources, Services, and Tools - was created to help guide you financially through your medical school and residency years.


 MedLoan Organizer and Calculator provides a secure location to organize and track student loans while also displaying possible repayment plans and costs based on a student's individual loan debt.   




SALT offers resources for honing your financial skills through self-directed lessons, tools and and monthly SALT Newsletters.  The How to Fix Your Budget Painlessly tool and the Master Your Plastic lesson are good places to begin!  Sign up for your free membership as a medical student. 





This 61 page pdf is a common sense guide to managing your students loans.  On page 12, Manage your debt - don't let it manage you! and the How Interest Accrues on Student Loans graph are worth a look!



The AAMC also has FIRST Financial Aid Fact Sheets and FIRST Videos and Webinars available on their extensive site.