Private Loans

We have recently added a private loan marketplace, Fast Choice, comprised of private commercial lenders for the purpose of financing medical school costs in conjunction with Brown University.  Please visit the Fast Choice website for private loan comparisons.

Fast ChoiceFast Choice











Consider discussing options with us prior to accepting your loans.  Loans available are:

  • Fixed and Variable interest rate loans for medical school years 
  • Residency and Relocation Loans for fourth year medical student costs

To access the marketplace, please select program of study then CONTINUE, read and understand the Brown University Financial Aid Code of Conduct, then puruse the available loans based on lender, borrower type or interest rate type:

FastChoice MarketplaceFastChoice Marketplace

A sample product with fixed and variable interest rate loans

Fast Choice Interest RatesFast Choice Interest Rates


Residency and Relocation Loans can be obtained from private lenders who provide loan assistance to fourth-year medical students.  As a fourth year AMS medical student, your COA includes Residency Application and Related Expenses of $3,000.  If more funds are needed, please set up a time to meet with us to discuss your fourth year financial interview needs.  Please note:  AMS funds are used solely for applications and related interview expenses.  They cannot be used for residency relocation as private loans can.