How Aid is Disbursed and Bills are Paid

Disbursement Schedule

The dates on which loan and scholarship funds will be posted to your student account are listed below. It will take at least three to five days for your refund request to be processed after disbursement.  Please note that if you complete your financial aid application after the deadline date, delay your loan acceptance decision, or do not return your completed promissory notes in a timely manner, the actual disbursement dates for your funds may be later than these dates.  

Year 1
MD '22
Year 2
MD '21
Year 3
MD '20
Year 4
MD '19
Fall Semester - Federal Direct/AMS Loans 7/30/2018 8/06/2018 7/2/2018 7/2/2018
Spring Semester-Federal Direct/AMS Loans 1/2/2019 1/2/2019 11/20/2018 11/20/2018
2018-2019 Tuition 61,244 61,244 61,244 61,244
2018-2019 Charged Fees 1,110 1,010 1,010 1,010
2018-2019 Health Insurance 3,992 3,846 3,846 3,846

How to Pay Your Bill

Medical students are billed twice each academic year on a semester basis. The fall bill is available in early July and payment due August 1. Spring bills are available in December and payment is due January 1.

The billing process is paperless with on-line statements available at and at Students may make payments, view billing information and may add authorized users to view their student account statement.

For detailed instructions to add an authorized user, and for further information, visit the Bursar Office web site at Billing questions should be addressed with the Bursar Office (401-863-2484;


Once funding has been credited to your Bursar student account and all Brown charges have been paid for the semester, your account may reflect a credit balance. Credit balances are intended to cover part or all living expenses for a given semester. The amount of your credit balance will depend upon the aid amounts that you have accepted.

Refunds are available electronically! By requesting a refund via our new online Refund Request Form and setting up the request to receive the refund in a US checking or saving account at, students will receive refunds in a quick, convenient manner. Students should receive the refund in their account 3-5 days from the date the request form is submitted.