As an Alpert Medical School financial aid recipient, you have responsibilities throughout each academic year.

Time Away Notification

If you are undecided about Leave of Absence or the Academic Scholars Program, please read our  letter detailing program specifics as it relates to financial aid.

Leave of Absence

If you are planning to take a Leave of Absence (medical or to pursue another degree) from your medical school studies, it is imperative that you meet with your academic advisor first and then notify the Office of Financial Aid. While on leave, financial aid funding is unavailable. Months prior to departure, it is best to set up a meeting with the Office of Financial Aid to discuss your financial situation and submit a Time Away form.  

*Medical students planning to leave campus or the area prior to graduation must be sure to schedule time to complete the online exit counseling requirements. For more information on this, please contact the Brown Loan Office.

Academic Scholar Program (ASP)

Features of the Academic Scholar Program are:  
New tuition fee structure, pro-rated at 1/40 of yearly tuition.  For 18-19 the charge is $766 per semester.  

  • ASP work will be registered as a course on the student's transcript with a grade for each semester of scholarly work.
  • ASP will be no less than one semester and no more than 2 years.
  • The student status will continue to be active full-time.
  • Federal loan funding may be available.
AMS Scholarship Recipient Biographies

If you receive an AMS scholarship from one of our generous donors for each of your four years of medical school, you will be asked to update us annually.  Requests will come from the Office of Financial Aid and aid disbursement is contingent upon participation.    Submissions are tracked by OFA and forwarded to the Office of Biomedical Advancement , who will follow up with any questions.  For the 2018-2019 academic year, you are required to complete a class year specific survey.  Orientation photos will be forwarded to Advancement on your behalf.

Pre-Medical Debt Survey and In-School Deferment Forms

During first year one-on-one meetings with our office, we will gather information on existing pre-medical debt.  This data and future disbursements will be added to your debt profile.  Annually financial aid recipients will receive loan summaries listing acquired debt.   You may be eligible for an in-school deferment for these pre-existing loans and will need to complete a Federal In-School Deferment Form. We will email specifics on the in-school deferment process during the summer and encourage you to complete the forms prior to arrival.

Family Member Enrollment Verification Form

Your financial aid package is based on information provided by you and your family on the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA).  If you report one (or more) of your family members are attending a post-secondary institution during the academic year, you will be required to verify their enrollment status if you are receiving need-based financial assistance.  We will send an email attaching the Family Member Enrollment Verification Form which must be filled out by you, your sibling, your spouse, and the Financial Aid Office at the post-secondary institution your family member is attending.  

Proof of U.S. Citizenship

Proof of U.S. citizenship is required to complete financial aid documentation. Students are required to bring an original proof to the Office of Financial Aid in order for Alpert Medical School to disburse funds and refunds to aid recipients.

Federal Verifications

By federal law, the Office of Financial Aid is required to verify FAFSA information ranging from Selective Service, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and untaxed income to list a few categories.  We will notify each medical student electronically if you have been selected and will require supporting documentation in a timely manner.