BMAA Student Grants

Brown Medical Alumni Association Grant

A BMAA Grant is available to medical student groups that are officially recognized by the Medical Student Senate. These funds will be distributed through the Medical Student Senate. Groups must apply, stating their intentions for the funds, amount requested, history of funding or previous activities, student group leaders, and a brief description of the group.

Applications for funding must be received by March 1 and should be emailed to Jennifer Faria, administrative coordinator, at All applications will be reviewed by a committee of BMAA board members. Groups will be made aware of the decision by March 15.

BMAA Grant funding can be distributed to more than one student group. Student groups who receive funding should acknowledge the receipt of a BMAA Grant. A sign posted at an event or notice to participants will suffice. In addition, the BMAA requests that photos demonstrating the use of the funds be submitted following the completion of the intended purpose.

2017 BMAA Grant Recipients

Brown Student Free Clinics (Clínica Esperanza and Rhode Island Free Clinic)

  • Description of group: Represents two student-run, faculty-supervised clinics that provide free, continuity care to underserved, undocumented patients. Pre-clinical students work in partnership with clinical students, faculty preceptors, and clinic staff to provide culturally competent longitudinal care. BSFC supports local underserved patient populations that would otherwise not receive care while simultaneously providing meaningful, hands-on clinical training opportunities for students. 
  • Intention for funds: To provide traditional food local to the communities we serve (Puerto Rican, Dominican, Guatemalan) during a hands-on didactic providing extensive training in skills/content related to working with Hispanic communities.
  • Amount granted: $200

Brown Vision Initiative (BVI)

  • Description of groupA student-run volunteer group providing comprehensive eye exams to uninsured patients once a month at the Rhode Island Free Clinic.
  • Intention for funds: To help fund the purchase of a PanOptic Ophthalmoscope and to provide food for the training session on the equipment and procedures.
  • Amount granted: $200

Citizen Physicians

  • Description of groupCitizen Physicians is a medical student-run start-up with a non-partisan, non-issue based mission to train future physicians in effective civic engagement.
  • Intention for funds: To host the third annual Citizen Physicians Meet-and-Greet, which brings together local elected officials from the state executive government, the State Assembly, and local city councils, and medical students to network and discuss potential collaborations to address issues within our community
  • Amount granted: $200

First-Year Orientation to Alpert Med (FOAM)

  • Description of groupA three-day orientation experience that provided incoming students the opportunity to bond with their new classmates, meet upperclassman mentors, and reflect on questions, concernes and goals for their medical school experience.
  • Intention for funds: To host Joint Leader Training to discuss program mission, curriculum and activities and to help fund Wilderness First Aid Training for 3 students to become certified in triage and medical care in Wilderness First Aid.
  • Amount granted: $200

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

  • Description of group: This national student group represents students pursuing health professions and strives to create a network for medical students, physicians, and leaders in the community who serve Latino populations.
  • Intention for funds: To host a ‘How-To Step 1’ info session. Additionally, coordinating with local churches or the Learning Community in Central Falls to organize 2 health fairs that would include screenings for hypertension, vision acuity, blood glucose and HIV tests. 
  • Amount granted: $200

Rhode Island Medical Navigator Partnership

  • Description of group: Empowers students to act as healthcare navigators and medical advocates for chronically homeless clients. Using an interdisciplinary team-based structure consisting of medical students, nursing students, social work interns, case managers, and anchoring providers, we advocate for our clients’ needs, ensuring fair, non-judgmental and holistic treatment in and out of clinics and hospitals. 
  • Intention for funds: To provide funding towards RIPTA tickets and ride-sharing services to facilitate navigator and client interactions. Funds will also be directed toward the training of both new and current navigators through program-wide reflection sessions and case conferences.
  • Amount granted: $200 

Sex Ed by Brown Med

  • Description of group:  A medical student-run sexual health education program that provides comprehensive sexual education to the entire 7th grade class at Calcutt Middle School in Central Falls.
  • Intention for funds:To host a Critical Consciousness workshop as part of our training for new teachers. 
  • Amount granted: $200 

Student National Medical Association, AMS Chapter

  • Description of group: The nation's oldest and largest student organization focused on the needs and concerns of medical students of color. SNMA programs are designed to serve the health needs of underserved communities and communities of color. In addition, SNMA is dedicated both to ensuring that medical education and services are culturally sensitive to the needs of diverse populations as well as to increasing the number of African-American, Latino, and other students of color entering and completing medical school. 
  • Intention for funds:Provide refreshments at an SNMA-MAPS mixer. Provide lunch at a “Meet the Cadaver” event, where 100 college and high school students gather at the Medical School and are introduced to the major organs of the body and taught the basics of taking body vitals.
  • Amount granted: $200

Wilderness Medicine (BIOLOGY 6652)

  • Description of group: Wilderness Medicine is an officially recognized semester-long preclinical elective for up to fifteen first- and second-year Warren Alpert Medical students interested in learning about the practice of medicine in a resource-limited environment. The course culminates in a mandatory two-day camping trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire with opportunities to respond to simulated emergency scenarios.
  • Intention for funds:  To defray costs to the students for the trip and to purchase practical skills equipment and supplies needed in setting up the obstacle course final.
  • Amount granted: $200

Women’s Clinic at Clínica Esperanza

  • Description of group: A student-run, faculty-supervised clinic founded in May 2015 to address the gynecologic needs of Clínica Esperanza’s patient population. As part of the Brown Student Free Clinics organization, the Student Clinic and Women’s Clinic at Clínica Esperanza provide longitudinal care to underserved patient populations that would not be able to receive medical care at other institutions due to patients’ language and transportation barriers as well as uninsured or undocumented status.
  • Intention for funds:  To purchase gynecological equipment that will enable the inclusion of a long acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) provision program at the clinic.
  • Amount granted: $200