Brown Medical Annual Fund

    The Brown Medical Annual Fund (BMAF) provides critical current-use funds that directly support medical students. Tuition pays for approximately 50 percent of what it actually costs to educate our medical students. Gifts to the Brown Medical Annual Fund preserve and enhance the School's quality and accessibility and are essential to maintain its high standards.

    Fifty-five percent of all BMAF gifts go to current-year financial aid for medical students, since more than three-quarters of our students rely on grants and loans to help finance their medical education.

    The remainder of the BMAF is used for medical education, particularly the Scholarly Concentrations Program and the Doctoring course. BMAF dollars are used to provide high quality educational experiences across the curriculum.

    Donors can make a gift online, or mail a check (payable to Brown University – BMAF) directly to Alpert Medical School, Box 1893 ,Providence, RI 02912. 

    Capital and Endowed Gifts

    Brown has developed ambitious plans for Alpert Medical School, the Public Health Program, and the Program in Biology. Accomplishing these goals will require philanthropic support from alumni, parents, and friends. The Office of Biomedical Advancement can help donors find the most meaningful, impactful ways to give.