During the PGY-2 year, residents are assigned a psychotherapy supervisor. The psychotherapy supervisor, with whom they meet weekly, guides them through one or two cases of intensive psychotherapy.

General outpatient supervision also takes place in real time in the resident's outpatient clinic, as the supervisors hear presentations on all patients seen and briefly meet with the resident and the patient together. This supervisor helps the residents with cases that typically consist of a mixture of supportive, psychotherapy and psychopharmacologic treatments.

During the PGY-3 year, residents have a number of additional supervisions. They participate in weekly small group CBT supervision, in which the residents gain practical experience with CBT. Resident pairs co-lead a weekly therapeutic group , which is supervised by a specific group therapy supervisor. For family therapy supervision, the residents videotape family sessions and review their videotapes during weekly supervision.

During the PGY-4  year, residents can select their psychotherapy supervisor. If residents choose to, they may receive additional supervision in other areas such as child and adolescent psychotherapy or continued group therapy.