David Block


I chose Brown because... When I was applying for residency programs, I knew I wanted to be in one of three regions: the greater Boston area, NYC, or Chicago, having lived at some point in all of them. I have always enjoyed Providence, however, especially seeing the city transition from an old, somewhat down-on-its-luck manufacturing city (during my freshman year at Brown), to a vibrant city that is continuing to develop with new business and culture (today). And, after interviewing for residency at Brown, I knew I had to come here. The open-mindedness and forward-thinking that have become synonymous with Brown carry through into the psychiatry residency. Not only do you interact on a regular basis with some of the foremost researchers and experts in their respective fields, but you feel like you are part of their team. Butler Hospital is a great hospital, and somewhat different in that it is a stand-alone psychiatric facility. Of course, during your training, you transition through different hospitals, which I believe is a strength of our program. Finally-and most importantly-my fellow residents are just about some of the most awesome group of people I have met. They are smart, energetic, sometimes goofy, and never boring.