Jocelyn Kreiss


After graduating from Emory University in 1996, I decided to spend time gathering some clinical experience while applying to graduate programs in clinical psychology. Along with volunteering as a mental health worker in a geriatric day program, I had the opportunity to pursue other interests. A passion for hiking and camping led to work as a backpacking instructor for Outward Bound. Later, during graduate school, I became increasingly interested in understanding the underlying medical issues of my patients. The next year, I applied to medical school and entered the University of Rochester as a medical student in 2000. After two years, I transferred to Brown Medical School, to join my husband, where we both graduated in 2004. Continuing at Brown for residency training in psychiatry was an easy decision. As a medical student, I was drawn to the complexity of patients seen on the consult liaison service and the variety of treatment modalities offered through the partial hospitalization programs. After talking to the psychiatry residents, I was sold. They described feeling challenged, but still had time to explore interests outside of medicine. Now I understand why the residents were so content with this program. The faculty are supportive, approachable, and they encourage us to think critically about our patients. My colleagues are not only intelligent, but they are solid people who I respect and enjoy spending time with. And living in Providence? A few hours from the White Mountains, 40 minutes to the beach, good food, not much traffic...need I say more?