Kathryn Erickson-Ridout, MD, PhD


Pennsylvania State University

Ph.D., Cellular & Molecular Biology, Penn. State, 2011
B.S., Biochemistry; B.A., Chemistry, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, magna cum laude, 2003

Research: PhD thesis examined how genetic polymorphisms in drug metabolizing enzymes effect the metabolism of antipsychotic drugs towards the goal of identifying markers of inter-individual variation in efficacy and side effects. Research funded by The American Diabetes Association Training Award; Deans Award for scholarly achievement.

Selected awards: Women in Science and Engineering Award, 2010, The Doctors Kienle Center for Humanistic Medicine Grant for Underserved Medicine 2012, The Graham and Elizabeth Jeffries International Health Fund Scholarship, 2012, Dept. of Psychiatry award for clinical excellence in psychiatry, Penn State College of Medicine 2013.

Next Steps: Kaiser Permanente Department of Research and Behavioral Health Faculty, San Jose, CA