Shiwen Yuan

Shiwen Yuan
Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University


Graduate: MB, BS,  Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, China, 2014

Dr. Yuan received his medical degree from Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, China, 2014. With two years of research training integrated in his medical school education, Dr. Yuan learned to use diffusive tensor imaging (DTI) to reconstruct the dorsal language pathway and compare it to language mapping results from direct cortical stimulation during awake brain surgery in order to elucidate the function of the posterior-inferior frontal lobe in motor aphasia. He then worked in Dr. Carlos Zarate’s lab at the NIMH before starting residency, on a DTI study of the reward circuit in the context of ketamine treatment for MDD.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Linda Carpenter in the Research Training Program at Brown, Dr.  Yuan has investigated predictive values of different EEG biomarkers for rTMS therapy in MDD. He also contributed data on clinical outcomes of rTMS treatment for MDD patients who received ECT. Dr. Yuan has recently initiated a project with the guidance of Dr. Carpenter to study effects of L-theanine on motor cortex excitability using paired-pulse TMS in healthy subjects. His goal is to contribute to the understanding of mechanisms of psychoactive agents with potential to alleviate depression, and to find optimal parameters for applying neuromodulation treatment for various patient groups.

From Dr. Yuan: I am fascinated by structural and functional changes of the brain in psychiatric disorders, and how neuromodulation can alter these circuits then elicit treatment effects. With the great opportunities provided by the Research Training Program, I am studying mechanisms of change and finding optimal parameters for applying neuromodulation treatment for different patient groups. My current focus is on electroencephalogram biomarkers with predictive values for TMS treatment outcomes in major depression, and better understanding depression from an electrophysiological perspective.