Zobeida (Zee) Diaz


Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, 2008


Undergraduate: BS in Microbiology, 1993, University of Michigan Other-Immunology, Harvard Univ. Extension Program MS in Cellular and Molecular Biology, 1999, University of Wisconsin


Prior Career: Associate Scientist I, Genetics Institute, Wisconsin, 1993-97 Senior Research Asst., Powderject Vaccines, Wisconsin, 1999-2000 Research Associate Iii, Amgen, California 2000-2002 Associate Research Project Manager, Amgen, California, 2002-04

Publications:   Lucas ER, Bartley SM, Graveel CR, Diaz ZM, et al.  No effect of loss of E2F1 on liver regeneration or hepatocarcinogenesis in C567BL/6J or C3H/HeJ Mice.  Molecular Carcinogenesis, 1999 Aug: 25:295-303.

                         Polverino A, Coxon A, Starnes C, Diaz Z, et al.  AMG706, an oral, multikinase inhibitor that selectively targets Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, Platelet-Derived Growth Factor, and Kit receptors, potently inhibits angiogenesis and induces regression in tumor xenografts.  Cancer Research, 2006 Sep, 66:8715-8721.


Awards: Alpha Omega Alpha Gold Humanism Award, 2007 NIH Molecular Biosciences Training Grant Award, 1998-99 GEM Fellowship Training Grant Award, 1997-98 AACR Scholar Award in Cancer Research, 1999 Hobbies: Ice Hockey, running, traveling