Visiting students are responsible for securing their own accommodations. It is strongly recommended that students make housing arrangements prior to arriving in the Providence area. Housing can be expensive and difficult to find on a short-term basis.

After an accepted student has met all requirements, the student will receive an acceptance letter along with a housing referral list. The housing referral list includes accommodations close to the Brown Campus with average monthly rents of $650. The list we provide is designed to help assist students with their search. Brown University does not make any recommendations or assume any responsibility for the referrals contained within that list.

Dormitory housing may be available at Rhode Island Hospital if the student is scheduled for clinical electives at Rhode Island Hospital, Hasbro Children's Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, or Women & Infants Hospital for a fee of $500/month. Suites are divided into three bedrooms that share a bathroom. The bedroom is composed of a bed, desk, and telephone. Housekeeping service is provided but there is no television in the room. Internet is available. Availability is limited. Accepted students will receive more information about this option.

When making housing decisions, please keep in mind the city of Providence does have some areas that are considered less desirable. Some of which, are very close to the hospitals. Please research the are you are considering to live.