Alpert Medical School Overview

Meet Alpert Medical School

Since graduating its first medical graduates in 1975, the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University has excelled in medical education, research, and patient care and is ranked in the top quartile of US medical schools. True to Brown's decades-old tradition of encouraging students to be the architects of their own education, Alpert Medical School's culture values student flexibility and initiative.

When it comes to clinical experiences, students enjoy unparalleled variety and access—as the only medical school in the state of Rhode Island, Alpert Medical School has exclusive access to community practices and clinics and to seven teaching hospital partners, including a Level I trauma center, a children’s hospital, a veteran’s hospital, and a psychiatric facility.

Alpert Medical School aims to produce physicians who are enlightened scientists and fully realized human beings, skilled in the technologies of the present and prepared to adopt those that are continually emerging. We emphasize a focus on patients and a commitment to service that will equip them to navigate the nation's health care system and to advocate for health care quality and patient safety.

In January 2007, the University renamed the Medical School in honor of businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Warren Alpert, in recognition of a $100-million gift from The Warren Alpert Foundation. A portion of the gift helped finance the new Medical School building that opened in 2011. Located at 222 Richmond Street in Providence's emerging Knowledge District, the building is strategically located next to the main teaching hospitals and is just across the river from the main Brown campus.