Medicine in Action Program

The Medicine in Action Program (MIAP) is a professional development opportunity designed to enrich your medical education experience at Brown by shadowing physicians. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Get to know Medical School faculty and alumni
  • Explore a variety of clinical settings
  • Observe physician/patient relationships firsthand
  • Go on rounds with the medical team
  • Gain insight into a wide range of careers in medicine

Who can participate in the program?
All Brown medical students and undergraduate PLME students are invited to participate in the program.

How can students sign up to participate?
Medical students and undergraduate PLME students can participate by sending an email request to [email protected]. In your email, please indicate the following:

  • 1-3 specialties of interest
  • Semester or time period you want to shadow
  • Where you will be during that time period

How can Physicians sign up to participate?

Physician sign up. 

How does the program work?
The MIAP office will email the physician on your behalf. You will receive an email including the physician's name, medical specialty, phone number, office location and e-mail address. You will need to contact the physician's office by phone or by email to arrange for a mutually convenient date and time for the visit.

Note: If you are unable to follow through with the visit, it is imperative that you contact the physician's office regarding your plans. Please call 863-9790 or email [email protected] for assistance.

Most hospitals and physician offices now require an educational training session on HIPAA. Failure to provide this information will delay your shadowing. If it is required and you have not attended such a session, you may fulfill the requirement by taking an online course through Alpert Medical School.  Link to HIPAA.

MIAP Reflection
Following your MIAP visit, schedule an appointment with your advising dean to discuss your MIAP experience. MIAP visits may be included in a professional development portfolio.

Medicine in Action (MIAP) Evaluation
Your feedback on the MIAP experience is important to us. We ask that you complete a brief MIAP evaluation form. Click here to complete the evaluation. 

Students on MIAP
"I loved shadowing my sponsor. She was very informative about her field and even sent me one of her old textbooks before I visited to familiarize me with terminology and treatments. I saw patients the entire day. My sponsor was also great to talk with about balancing a professional and family life."

"I have been interested in internal medicine for some time. My sponsor was a fantastic teacher who helped me entertain the thoughts of specializing in this area of medicine. The learning experience was enjoyable and it helped me feel happy about my decision to become a doctor."

"The doctor was a very informative host and made my experience a valuable one. I never once felt out of place. I was teamed up with a fellow during clinic hours, and given a chance to observe the fellow with patients. I was impressed with both the doctors and the patients, as well as the compassion and dedication of the staff at the medical center."

"What a wonderful experience! I wasn't sure if medicine was for me when I arrived at my sponsor's office but by the time I left, I knew family practice was for me. We visited with patients, and the physician gave me a brief history and explained what went on. His patients were open to my observing and answered all my questions. My sponsor did a lot of explanation during the visits too, enlightening both the patient and myself! It was truly a lifealtering experience!"

"I was able to interact with patients and familiarize myself with the hospital setting. I was able to view the end goal while still at the start of my journey. Great program!"

"The surgery was fascinating, and the doc and resident took the time to explain certain things to me. Following the OR, we went to the office where my sponsor met with patients. The diversity of what I saw truly made the experience invaluable."