Preclinical Electives

Preclinical medical electives are not the clinical electives you will need to take as part of your medical school curriculum. Preclinical electives can be taken by first- and second-year medical students, and by PLME and EIP students. The workload is usually minimal given that medical students who take part already have a full basic science load, but it is an opportunity to learn something that is clinically related.

Undergraduate PLMEs do take preclinical medical electives and really enjoy the experience.

Please note:

  • Preclinical electives do not count towards a PLME's 30 courses needed to graduate from Brown. They are considered extracurricular.
  • In order for a preclinical medical elective to show on your transcript, it is necessary for the course leader to forward the class roster to Dean Ip in the PLME Office so that the information can be uploaded to Banner by the medical school registrar.
  • Only five courses per semester can print on the Brown transcript. Students may take the course as a sixth unregistered course with the agreement of the elective leader.
  • For more information on preclinical medical electives, contact the medical school's Curriculum Affairs Office at 863-2006 or [email protected].