Emerging Infectious Diseases Scholars (EIDS) Program

Emerging infectious diseases are a growing threat and present major challenges to communities worldwide. The EIDS program recognizes the specialized research and educational needs that are essential to nurture future healthcare providers so that they are well equipped to prevent and manage epidemics. The primary goal of the EIDS program is to mentor and support students in developing clinical research projects focused on emerging infectious diseases. Up to three Summer Research Assistantships of Emerging Infectious Diseases (SRA-EIDS) are available for the Summer of 2021, and PLME students with a specific interest in this field are encouraged to apply. In addition to providing financial support for research, the EIDS program strives to create a community of “microbe hunters” by hosting research seminars, offering field trips to local hospitals and department of health offices, inviting guest speakers, facilitating peer interactions, and providing networking opportunities with faculty across all of Brown’s affiliated institutions. The Program will also support travel to conferences if the scholar presents an abstract as first author and will assist with publishing manuscripts. Topics studied by current undergraduate and medical student EID scholars include COVID-19, tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis C, Ebola, pediatric infectious diseases, and other infectious diseases in underserved communities, both locally and globally. The EIDS program is supported by the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases R25AI140490.

For more information, please go to www.brown.edu/eids or email [email protected]