Summer Research Assistantship in Emergency Medicine



Summer Research Assistantships in Emergency Medicine (SRA-EM) are available annually to undergraduate students enrolled in Brown's PLME program and 1st-year medical students enrolled in the Alpert Medical School. Students who are awarded an assistantship will receive a $3,500 stipend to carry out a research project at a Brown-affiliated hospital between June-August, under the supervision and mentorship of a faculty mentor. The SRA-EM faculty mentor (and co-mentor, if applicable) must be faculty members of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Brown.  

The student must dedicate 40 hours per week (i.e. work full-time) for 10 weeks between June-August. Other employment is usually not authorized during the defined workweek tenure of the assistantship. Depending on the demands of the research project, students may need to work nights and/or weekends. When submitting the SRA-EM application, the student must be fully prepared to take and complete the SRA-EM.  

Students applying for other opportunities during the summer should NOT apply for the SRA-EM. A student who is awarded an SRA-EM and also receives another fellowship from the University (i.e., UTRA, Royce, Mellon Mays) or from another source (i.e., Pfizer) will be asked to choose one source of funding. Students should discuss all funding opportunities with their advising dean.

The SRA-EM is one eof two SRA opportunities offered by the PLME program (SRA-Biomedical and SRA-EM). Students ma NOT apply for both opportunities in the same year.

If the student plans to take a course over the summer or has other commitments that will run concurrently with the assistantship, the mentor must be aware of this situation and give their consent. 

Academic credit cannot be obtained for work performed under this form of support. It is permissible to use the research done during an assistantship as an element of a thesis to be presented toward a degree and to obtain academic credit if the student decides to develop and continue the project as independent research during the academic year.


  • A faculty member may sponsor only one student per year (i.e. may submit a letter of support on behalf of one student only).
  • A student may only submit one summer research proposal per year.
  1. Download and review the SRA-EM Program Overview and Instructions
  2. Download and review the SRA-EM Projects List
  3. Download and complete the SRA-EM Application
Contact Us:
SRA-EM Coordinator  
Amy Michaluk (401) 444-3821
SRA-EM Program Director  
Gregory Jay, MD  
PLME Office SRA Administrative Support  
David Barnes, PLME Coordinator (401) 863-9790


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