Study Abroad in Junior Year

Visit the Office of International Programs for information on a variety of study abroad opportunities.

The University of Glasgow in Scotland offers a special course, Anatomy for PreMed, available in the fall semester which provides the opportunity to: Learn basic medical terminology; learn core concepts in regional anatomy; learn clinical correlations and applications of anatomy; learn basic radiology.  Having the opportunity to take an anatomy course before embarking on your medical training will not only help you cope with the overall demands of medical school, but will give you a head-start.  Visit

The International Honors Program: Comparative Study Around the World offers students a unique opportunity to examine major social justice and sustainability issues facing the world today. Students examine a thematic topic in multiple countries in the semester or year, exploring how people in different countries create varied solutions to the common problems they face.  Spring courses in Health and Community include Health and Globization; Health, Culture and Community; Public Health: from Biology to Policy; Community Health Research Methods in either (Switzerland-India-China-South Africa) or (Washington-South Africa/Mozambique-Vietnam-Brazil).  More information at .

Brown in Denmark through the Denmark International Study Program (DIS) offers a Medical Practice and Policy program which includes a core course of Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach. This track includes two academic/cultural study tours which may encompass Stockholm-Tallinn or Berlin-Poznan. .  Please be aware that the ‘Human Health and Disease’ class does not provide regular medical training corresponding to that of medical students and does not include shadowing of doctors or physical examination of patients.

King's College London offers The Health & Society course which introduces students to healthcare systems, physician-patient communication skills, medical ethics and sociology, as well as health promotion. It involves didactic lectures as well as self-directed learning with patients and healthcare professionals, via a series of shadowing opportunities.

Brown Plus One international program offers select Brown undergraduates the opportunity to complement a Brown course of study with a master’s degree from either The University of Edinburgh, Scotland or The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Brown students declare their intention to undertake the Brown Plus One international program during their fourth semester at Brown. Accepted students study at one of the schools during their junior year, becoming well acclimated to Scotland or Hong Kong while making progress toward a master’s degree, which they complete in a full-time fifth year of study. Students earn a Brown baccalaureate degree and a master's degree awarded by either The University of Edinburgh or The Chinese University of Hong Kong.