Curriculum (Academics)

The PLME allows for great flexibility in curriculum planning.  A variety of courses are recommended to give undergraduates competency in mathematics and in natural, social, and behavioral sciences, and to provide a foundation for subsequent medical science and clinical courses.

Students in the first four years of the PLME are completely integrated into the undergraduate student body and, like all students, have access to Brown’s entire faculty. This fosters collaborative teaching and research among professors and students from a wide array of disciplines.

During the undergraduate years, PLME students may:

  • Work toward an AB or ScB degree in the sciences, or 
  • Fulfill the requirements for an AB degree in the humanities, social sciences, or behavioral science, or
  • Pursue another interdisciplinary concentration, such as public policy or international studies.

During the medical school years, students are encouraged to pursue study in their concentration and may work toward an advanced degree in their area of interest in addition to the MD degree.

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