About Us

Who are we?

The PLME Undergraduate Senate is the official representative body of PLME undergraduate students. Its objectives include the following:

  • To help integrate all eight years of medical education at Brown University and Alpert Medical School.
  • To represent our undergraduate students before the university and medical school's administrations.
  • To promote social events amongst PLME undergraduates and the Brown community at large.
  • To promote community service activities amongst PLME students and the Brown community at large.
  • To monitor and distribute funds for the fulfillment of said objective.

What do we do?

The PLME Senate organizes and sponsors a variety of events over the course of the academic year. In the past, some of these events have included picnics, bake sales, food drives, "Grey's Anatomy" television nights, movie screenings, and semi-formal dances. The PLME Senate also collaborates with a number of other groups on campus and at the Alpert Medical School to organize events like bone marrow drives and Relay for Life teams.

In addition to all these events, the PLME Senate also plans and hosts the Whole Physician and Whole Patient Programs for all PLME undergraduate students.

  • Whole Patient Program: This program, geared toward undergraduate PLME freshmen, emphasizes the significance of the doctor-patient relationship and seeks to demonstrate the importance of treating the patient's illness as well as the disease. The Whole Patient Program, recognizing the limited medical knowledge of first-year undergraduate students, does not attempt to address topics from a completely clinical perspective. Rather, it stresses the role of empathic understanding in the practice of medicine, hopefully establishing a precedent for students' future clinical practice.
  • Whole Physician Program: This program, geared toward undergraduate PLME sophomores, juniors, and seniors, focuses on life as a medical student and physician. The Whole Physician Program seeks to show students that life at Alpert Medical School and beyond is manageable and full of possibility, in that medical students and physicians can make commitments to their practice while living balanced lives and being involved in activities outside of medicine.