Resources for Current and Future Trainees

Information for Future Trainees

Diversity in the Training Environment - Hospitals

Trainees work at one or more of the Brown affiliated hospitals in Providence.  Information about each hospital can be viewed on the Affiliated Hospitals page.

Diversity in Clinical and Research Populations

The Clinical Psychology Training Diversity Packet provides details about diversity within Rhode Island, Providence County, which includes the city of Providence and hospital patient populations at the Brown-affiliated training hospitals. 
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Diversity in Didactics 

The Diversity Committee has compiled a bibliography of readings on diversity available to seminar presenters (core seminars and track-specific seminars).  Examples of core seminar topics related to diversity will include “Case studies reflecting Rhode Island’s diversity,” “Cultural factors in providing dementia care,” and “Mental health advocacy with the deaf and hearing impaired."

The Diversity Committee periodically sponsors a DPHB Grand Rounds.  Past speakers have included: Tawara Goode, MA, “Evidence-Base for Cultural and Linguistic Competency in Health Care,” :Anna Lau, PhD, "Three Legs of the Stool: Therapy Content, Engagement, and Intensity in Delivering Evidence-Based Treatments for Immigrant Families,"; and Jennifer Manly, PhD, "Race, Culture and Education among Older Adults: Relationships to Cognitive Aging and Risk for Alzheimer's Disease."

Diversity in Recruitment of Clinical Psychology Residents and Postdoctoral Fellows 

The Diversity Committee provides applicants to Clinical Psychology Programs with a Diversity Brochure, as well as a Diversity Packet which contains information on demographics of the patient populations at the hospitals affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, on-going research studies among underserved groups and/or ethnic groups.

In addition, Diversity Committee faculty members provide a “Diversity” orientation to clinical psychology resident applicants. Diversity Committee members also assist with trainee recruitment at professional conferences.

Visit the Clinical Psychology Internship Training Programs site for application information. 

Information for Current Trainees

Diversity Mentoring Program

The primary objectives of the Diversity Mentoring Program are to facilitate networking and career development among trainees and faculty of the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (DPHB) and the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies (CAAS), as well as to offer trainees and faculty opportunities to discuss clinical, research, and professional issues relevant to diversity in a supportive collegial environment. For our purposes, diversity is defined broadly to include, but is not limited to, issues of gender, religion, culture, age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, disabilities, and socio-economic background. You are qualified to be a mentee if you are a trainee or a junior faculty member affiliated with DPHB or CAAS.  Look for the next enrollment opportunity via email or contact Dr. Caroline Kuo.

Mentoring and Educating Diverse Students and Trainees to Excel as Physicians (MEDSTEP)

MEDSTEP aims to create community and structured mentorship within the Warren Alpert Medical School for individuals who self-identify as underrepresented in medicine. The chief objectives of the program are to:

  • Establish a system of mentorship for all medical students and trainees who self-identify as UIM
  • Utilize the group mentorship model and peer mentorship to leverage the resources of the entire AMS UIM community
  • Prepare mentors and mentees to address challenging professional situations
  • Strengthen the sense of community at AMS for UIM faculty, trainees and students
  • Create a safe space for discussion, education and professional growth