Qualitative Science and Methods Training Program


The Qualitative Science and Methods Training Program (QSMTP) methods core, founded in 2017, provides state-of-the-science training and mentoring in qualitative and mixed research methods to postdoctoral and faculty investigators in the health sciences. Qualitative methods involve the use of in-depth interviews, focus groups, cognitive interviews, and/or other procedures to optimize methodological rigor and enhance data richness. Integration of qualitative and quantitative methods (“mixed methods”) is increasingly expected in successful patient-oriented research applications to the NIH and other sponsors.



kmguthri_photo_.jpgQSMTP director Dr. Kate Guthrie is a Professor (Research Scholar) in the Departments of Psychiatry and Human Behavior in the Alpert Medical School and Behavioral and Social Sciences in the School of Public Health. Dr. Guthrie is also a Senior Research Scientist at The Miriam Hospital's Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine. Dr. Guthrie has twenty-five years of experience conducting and supporting research projects in the areas of behavioral medicine and patient-oriented health research. 



QSMTP provides scholars with:

  • A didactic “Foundations in Qualitative Methods” seminar series, which provides attendees with theoretical and methodological knowledge of qualitative strategies that can be implemented in patient-oriented, grant-funded health research. No prior experience with qualitative research is  required. The seminar is currently co-taught by Dr. Guthrie and Dr. R. Rosen, who also serves as a consultant to Brown  University’s Advance-CTR’s Qualitative Research Support Services
  • Weekly qualitative skills-building workshops, which are well-suited to investigators actively developing grants to conduct research with qualitative elements, and to investigators engaged in the development of their qualitative research protocols and procedures, preparing to initiate their studies, and/or collecting and analyzing their qualitative (or mixed methods) data
  • Expert consultation for qualitative and mixed methods grant-writing and publication;  scholars in both the Foundations Seminar and/or Skills-Building Workshops can make individual appointments with Dr. Guthrie to address more detailed or time-intensive needs for their  research projects

QSMTP PARTNERS: Academic and research units are invited to support the program via three-year commitments (academic year: July through June). This commitment secures seats for two scholars per year (postdoctoral fellows or faculty). QSMTP Partners are also eligible for additional seats at reduced fees per additional scholar. Please contact Dr. Guthrie to become a QSMTP Partner.

INDIVIDUAL SEATS: Postdoctoral fellows and faculty from non-Partner units may participate if there is space at a standard cost per seat. The number of scholars may be capped, with preference given to Partners, to ensure high-quality, hands-on  training and mentoring. Please contact Dr. Guthrie for relevant costs.

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