Session Details 11/12/12

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Giving Effective Feedback in Undergraduate Medical Education

DESCRIPTION: A keynote address followed by breakout sessions focused on strategies for direct observation of students and providing formative and summative feedback to learners.

CORE SERIES TOPIC:  This program is part of our core series under the topic of evaluation and effective feedback.

PRESENTER: Paul George, MD -  Director, Year 2 Preclinical Curriculum; Associate Director of Medical Student Education, Dept. of Family Medicine, Alpert Medical School

DATE/TIME: November 12, 2012; 5:30-8:30pm

AUDIENCE: The RIF/Lifespan faculty development program targets primary care providers in the Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts community who teach or would like to teach AMS students.

ROOM: 222 Richmond, room 170

TO REGISTER: Registration is closed.


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