Session Details 6/19/2013

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Evaluation and Feedback: Assessing Learners and Providing Feedback to Improve Performance

VIDEO LINK:  To view the recorded video and slides from this presentation, click here.

DESCRIPTION: This interactive workshop is designed to increase faculty members' ability to evaluate learner progress relative to educational goals, and to provide learners with effective, directed feedback.  Based on two Stanford faculty development modules, the workshop includes a didactic component, videotaped encounters, and scripted role plays.

CORE SERIES TOPIC:  This program is part of our core series under the topic of evaluation and effective feedback.

Michele Cyr, MD - Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Jennifer Jeremiah, MD - Associate Professor of Medicine (Clinical)

DATE/TIME: June 19, 2013
                       Registration and light refreshments 5:00-5:30pm
                       Presentation: 5:30-7:00pm

AUDIENCE: This session is open to and appropriate for all faculty and residents who evaluate and give feedback to learners in a medical education setting.

LOCATION: Alpert Medical School, 222 Richmond, room 280

TO REGISTER: Registration is closed.


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