Learning Specialist Consultations

Learning Specialist Lorrie Gehlbach n is available for consultation and educational services. Students may choose to meet with her once or multiple times to address learning difficulties and strategize efforts to improve. Lorrie works to help students with:

  • Assessing academic progress
  • Exploring learning styles and developing strategies for improvement
  • Designing specific study plans based on individual needs

Common issues that are addressed include:

Neuropsychological Assessment

Students experiencing ongoing difficulty with medical school academics may be referred to a community provider for a neuropsychological evaluation that tests for any learning issues. Documentation of a learning disorder or disability provides AMS with the necessary information to give a student test-taking accommodations  such as extended time or a non-distracting room in which to take an exam.

Student referrals to neuropsychological assessments are entirely confidential.

To make an appointment with Lorrie Gehlbach, please contact her at [email protected].