Advising and Mentoring

Academic, Career, and Personal Advising

Advisors and mentors play an essential role in guiding students successfully through medical school. At different stages during the four years, both faculty and peer advisors help students maintain a balanced, long-term perspective while they are immersed in the program. The Alpert Medical School advising program is centered through the system of student academies. Advisors can help connect students with resources, such as tutoring and other support services.

Advising for medical students is composed of three tiers of support:

  • Career advising utilizes the AAMC's Careers in Medicine (CIM) Program. CIM is a comprehensive program that involves self assessments, on-line tools, group meetings, information on specialties, and early exposure to faculty. Students may also be referred to additional clinical faculty members who are willing to provide guidance to medical students. Students are also encouraged to use the Scholarly Concentrations Program as a mechanism for identifying faculty mentors.
  • Academic advising is provided by the Directors of Student and Career Development, as well as by the Associate Dean for Medical Education and the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs. USMLE test preparation support and tutoring are also available.
  • Personal advising and counseling are provided by the director of each student academy.

Accommodations and Support for Unique Learning Profiles, Physical and Medical Conditions

The Directors of Student and Career Development(Ms. Green and Ms. Morang) are available to arrange referrals for consultative services (neuropsychologists, other learning specialists, learning enhancement programs). 

In addition to evaluation, students will be provided with assistance in reviewing test results and securing accommodations, when indicated. 

For procedures visit Learning Issues & Accommodations.

Student Wellness

Student wellness and management of stress and anxiety are an important part of achieving academic success. To help manage stress, a weekly optional course of mindfulness meditation will be offered to students. In addition to the above advising and counseling services, students are advised to utilize the peer counseling and support services provided by the Student Health Council.