Shadowing Opportunities

Gaining experience is a vital component to develop your knowledge, skills, abilities and perspectives in medicine.  It is never too early to gain experience as you try to decide on your career path in medicine!  The earlier you start to identify and explore fields of interest, the more time you have to continue to look at your options for your future. 

Shadowing opportunities will introduce you to a specific field and allow you to see firsthand the daily happenings within the field.  Each department has shadowing opportunities available to all levels of medical students.  In order to participate in any shadowing opportunity listed here, you must be a currently enrolled Warren Alpert Medical School student. 

To participate in a shadowing experience, we suggest you pick a field of interest to you, and contact either the physician, resident, or coordinator (whoever is listed) and set up a time to observe!  


Name Email Location
Scott Benzuly, MD (Pediatric Anesthesiologist) [email protected] RIH
Fred Rotenberg, MD [email protected] Miriam

Emergency Medicine

The Department of Emergency Medicine has the Open-Access Preclinical Shadowing Experience in Emergency Medicine available to medical students as an opportunity to spend time shadowing in the Critical Care rooms of the Rhode Island Hospital Emergency Department.  This is the clinical area of the ED in which the most acutely ill medical and trauma patients are cared for.  

There is an online google calendar that can be used to assign yourself to preferred 2-4 hour time slots for shadowing on Saturdays and Sundays between 11am - 11pm in Critical Care.  The google calendar can be assessed here

If you have specific questions about the program, you can contact Dr. Rachel Fowler ([email protected]) or if you have technical difficulties with the Google Calendar or online scheduling, please contact Stefan Jung ([email protected]). 


Name Email Location
Jan Groblewski, MD [email protected] RIH

Family Medicine

Name Email Location
Bianca Thorpe, MD [email protected] Fall River, MA
Amity Rubeor, DO (Sports Medicine) [email protected] East Greenwich, RI
Steven Stein, MD [email protected] South Attleboro, MA

Internal Medicine: For anyone interested in shadowing an internist, please see the document, here for a list of available physicians.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Roni Phipps ([email protected]).

Interventional Radiology:  For anyone interested in shadowing or more about the field, Dr. Sun Ahn ([email protected]) is happy to talk to medical students.  You can also reach out to any of the Interventional Radiology Interest group leadership with any questions.  

OB/GYN: To schedule a shadowing opportunity in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Women & Infants' Hospital, please contact Dr. Cassandra Carberry  ([email protected]) and Kristine Ricci ([email protected]).

Pediatrics: To schedule a shadowing opportunity in the Department of Pedatrics at Hasbro Children's Hospital, please contact Helene Felici ([email protected]).  

Psychiatry: To schedule a shadowing opportunity in the Psychiatry & Human Behavior Department for adult psychiatry or child psychiatry, please contact Dr. Colin Harrington ([email protected]) so they can match you to a site and physician based on your interests. 

Surgery: To schedule a shadowing opportunity in General Surgery, please contact Leslie Cabana ([email protected]).  In your email, please tell Leslie your desired surgical preference, if you have one.  (Examples: colorectal, surgery oncology, trauma, burns, vascular). 

Orthopaedic Surgery: To schedule a shadowing opportunity in Orthopaedic Surgery, please contact the residents. The Interest Group leaders will have the resident schedule.  Contact the resident on the service you are most interested in shadowing.  Here is a list of the residents in Orthopaedic Surgery.