Welcome to our home page!

The Medical Student Senate represents the AMS student body before University administration and committees.  We also act as a forum for issues important to AMS students, and recognize and disburse funds to student groups. For any questions, please contact any of the leadership listed below or the senate email (ams-senate@googlegroups.com).

Current leadership:

President: Jovian Yu, MD'16 (jovian@brown.edu)

Vice President/Progress Committee Chair: Allan Joseph, MD'17 (allan_joseph@brown.edu)

Finance & Procedures Committee Chair: Anshul Parulkar, MD'18 (anshul_parulkar@brown.edu)

Public Relations Committee Chair: Amanda Liu, MD'18 (amanda_liu@brown.edu)

Academics Committee Chair: Michael Danielewicz, MD'18 (michael_danielewicz@brown.edu)