Medical Student Senate

The Medical Student Senate represents the medical student body before University and medical school administration and committees. We also provide a forum for issues important to medical students. In addition, we provide funding for student groups. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] or reach out to any of the Executive Board officers (below).

Executive Board 2018-19

President Pete Mattson ([email protected])
Vice President Denise Marte ([email protected])
Chair of Academics and Mentorship Eloho Akpovi ([email protected]) Emily Macduffie ([email protected])
Chairs of Finance and Membership Roja Garimella ([email protected])
Ron Akiki ([email protected])
Chair of Institutional Affairs Soha Ghanian ([email protected])
Chair of External Affairs Chloe Zimmerman ([email protected])
Chair of Communications Erica Veazey ([email protected])

Class Representatives 2018-19

MD Class of 2019: Ananya Anand, Jessica Gardner, Rebecca Mendelsohn, Julia Solomon, Austin Tam, Alex Tran, Maddie Wozniak

MD Class of 2020: Pranav Aurora, Thea Belay, Joey Dizoglio, Julia Hadley, Sukrit Jain, Emily Macduffie, Nate Pertsch

MD Class of 2021: Eloho Akpovi, Joanna Georgakas, Beth Anne George, Todd Nguyen, Lauren Ready, Krissia Rivera, Carole Spake

MD Class of 2022: Gabi Dressler, Dan Kraft, Matt Navarro, Jamie Odzer, Shital Shah, Sachit Singal, Parker Woolley

Committee Representatives 2018-19

Academic Subcommittees

MD19: Maddie Wozniak, Ananya Anand, Julia Solomon

MD20: Sukrit Jain, Julia Hadley, Thea Belay

MD21: Todd Nguyen, Sophia Demuynck, and Sarena Hayer

MD22: Esther Wu, Christina Mata, Celina Hsieh 

Campus Life Advisory Board

MD22: Ahmed Elsayed

Learning Environment Liason

MD21: Beth Ann George, Todd Nyugen 

MDCC/Academics & Mentorship Committee

MD19: Jessica Gardner & Rebecca Mendelsohn 

MD20: Emily MacDuffie & Nate Pertsch

MD21: Eloho Akpovi (PCPM) & Joanna Georgakas

MD22: Gabi Dressler & Jamie Odzer

MD-PhD: Chris Barry

OMDA Fellow/Liason

MD20: Radhika Rajan

Student Wellness Liason 

MD19: Kristen Durbin, Ry Garcia-Sampson

University Resources Committee

MD21: Katie Hsia