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Use the Office of Student Affairs student group registration form to register a new student group


  1. Fall 2017, funding cycle 1
  2. Fall 2017, funding cycle 2
  3. Senate Student Group Funding Presentation (February 7, 2018)
  4. Spring 2018, funding cycle 1

Terms & Conditions of Senate Funding 

1.) Groups must be registered with the OSA as an official student group --this must be done before application.

2.) Groups must decide whether they would like to go through funding cycle applications with PACC or with the AMS senate--student groups can receive funding from only one of these sources. A brief description of the difference: PACC funding is reserved for groups that focus on patient advocacy and engagement. For example, the student organizations that are currently recognized under PACC include student-run clinics, screenings, patient navigation, and fundraising efforts on behalf of community agencies/initiatives. Groups that have a significant med student interest component (e.g. existing as a space for medical students with common interests) should generally apply to Senate for funding. 
3.) Senate funding may be used for supplies required by a group or food/expenses for events open to the student body. Furthermore, groups may not use funding for: alcohol, food for e-board dinners, and honoraria for guest speakers.