May 2019

MDCC Meeting Updates
1) Approval of a formal policy on doctoring and clinical site placement change requests
2) Approval for a formal policy for students to petition for a grade change and change to MSPE wording
3) Approval of a formal policy on partitioning provision of services and student evaluations, i.e. a clinician who has provided medical services for a student is barred from submitting an evaluation of that student
4) Change in policy on incomplete grade: students must complete credit within 1 year as long as they are not on approved leave; this policy expands on previous wording that required "extenuating circumstances"  to be taken into account
5) OME is now becoming the Office of Medical Education and Continuous Quality Improvement; this title is more in line with current efforts of the Office
6) Student feedback for Doctoring III and IV was reviewed with generally positive regard for the two classes
7) Performance differences between block and LIC students for class of 2017-2018 was reviewed; no significant differences in Honors percentage or Step 2 was noted
8) Additional language and information was added to the International Elective approval form that stresses safety and ethics of participating in international medical work and research

January 2019

MDCC Meeting: The MDCC meets regularly to review course/clerkship feedback, review elective applications, and discuss curriculum initiatives at AMS. During the past meeting - we reviewed the Renal and Pathology courses and approved an elective application on TBI.  No clerkship was reviewed this month. The committee also reviewed the Administrative Policy Committee Report and discussed SDL small group learning initiative. 

December 2018

AMS, Gateways, and Public Health students gathered together Friday evening to get in the holiday spirit. With good food and even better company, we tried our hand at origami as we made gift bags for the providers at University health services. Thank you to all who came out! We look forward to hosting more social events with our colleagues down the Hill.

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