Our meetings

The Medical Student Senate plans to meet nine times during the 2013-2014 academic year; our planned dates are listed below.  Please note that these dates are subject to change, and that updated meeting dates and times will be posted as soon as possible.  Official minutes will also be made available after every meeting.

Please note: You will need to log in with your Brown University username and password to access meeting minutes.  If you are not a member of the Brown community but would like to access our minutes, please email us at ams.senate@gmail.com.  Thanks!

If you would like to browse through meeting minutes from past academic years instead, please use the Archived Minutes link.

Meeting #1: August 20, 2013  (minutes)
Social rounds, GCB membership, Q&A with Dr. Tunkel, class rep elections, gym access, med school budget

Meeting #2: October 1, 2013  (minutes)
Budgetary and financial aid/planning discussion with Lindsey Graham, Brown University Strategic plan discussion with Mark Schlissel (Provost), coat racks in academies

Meeting #3: November 12, 2013  (minutes)
Art in medical school, funding transparency, group approval, Student Activities Fee, alumni relations

Meeting #4: December 3, 2013  (minutes)
Pre-clinical honors (Powerpoint presentation embedded in minutes), professionalism-related curriculum and interventions, AOA induction criteria, spending limits for Senate events

Meeting #5: January 7, 2014  (minutes)
Fitness center access for staff & faculty, committee for re-thinking building space allocation, business-hours building parking for MS-3s and MS-4s, RI Hospital student parking, pass/fail curriculum, IT / library updates

Meeting #6: February 4, 2014  (minutes)
Conversation with Dean Elias, Financial Aid, Conversation with Dean Weber (graduate school dean), extra Senate funds

Meeting #7: March 4, 2014 (6 - 7 pm, Rm 270)

Meeting #8: April 1, 2014 (6 - 7 pm, Rm 270)