Student groups

The Medical Student Senate sponsors a wide variety of student-run groups in categories ranging from patient advocacy organizations to a bhangra dance team.

You can browse through a list of Senate-sponsored groups using the links at left; or alternatively, click on any of the entries in the list below to find out more information.

Would you like to create a new group or update an existing group's description?  Use the Student Group Form attached at the bottom of the page; email the completed Form as well as a group constitution to

If you would like to get in touch with any of these groups, please email for contact information.

  1. Aging Interest Group
  2. Al's Pals
  3. American Medical Association
  4. American Medical Student Association
  5. Anesthesiology Interest Group
  6. Asian Pacific-American Medical Students Association
  7. Association of American Medical Colleges
  8. Bone Marrow Registration Drive
  9. Breeze Against Wheeze
  10. Brown Agriculture, Nutrition, and Community Health
  11. Brown Integrative Medicine Initiative
  12. Brown Med Bhangra
  13. Brown Med Notes Collective
  14. Brown Student Community Clinic
  15. Brown Vision Initiative
  16. Cancer Awareness and Reflection Elective
  17. Careers in Medicine
  18. Clinica Esperanza/Hope Clinic
  19. Choral Rehydration Therapy
  20. Dermatology Interest Group
  21. Disability Awareness Group
  22. Emergency Medicine Interest Group
  23. Environmental Change and Health Interest Group
  24. Family Medicine Interest Group
  25. Gays, Lesbians and Allies Advancing Medicine
  26. Graduate/Medical Student Christian Fellowship
  27. Gun Safety for the Physician
  28. Healing through Harmony
  29. Healthcare for the Underserved
  30. Health Innovation Group
  31. ImproveHealthCare
  32. Infectious Disease Interest Group
  33. Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  34. International Health Interest Group
  35. Internal Medicine Interest Group
  36. Invigorating Science Education in RI
  37. Latino Medical Students Association
  38. Medical Chinese Interest Group
  39. Medical Spanish Interest Group
  40. Medical Students For Choice
  41. Musicians' Guild
  42. Neurosurgery & Neurology Interest Group
  43. Obstetrics & Gynecology Interest Group
  44. Orthopedics Interest Group
  45. Palliative & Hospice Care Interest Group
  46. Pathways Mentorship Group
  47. Patient Advocacy Coordinating Council
  48. Pediatric Interest Group
  49. Physicians for Human Rights
  50. Plastic Surgery Interest Group
  51. Primary Care Progress
  52. Radiology Interest Group
  53. Refugee Health Initiative
  54. Rhode Island Free Clinic
  55. Sports Legacy Institute Community Educators
  56. Student Health Council
  57. Student National Medical Association
  58. Surgery Interest Group
  59. Teddy Bear Clinic
  60. The Quince
  61. Translational Medicine Interest Group
  62. Urology Interest Group
  63. Vascular and Interventional Radiology Interest Group
  64. Wilderness Medicine Interest Group