Medical school groups

The groups listed below are run by Alpert Medical School students and focus on helping our own students to establish a healthy work-life balance. They are funded by the Medical School Senate as well as the Patient Advocacy Coordinating Council.

If you would like to get in touch with any of these groups, please email for contact information.

Al's Pals

2013-2014 Leaders: Adam Driesman MD'16, Olivia Linden MD'16, Jen Vigneswaran MD'16

Al's Pals is a new student-led initiative (founded in 2010) at AMS designed to facilitate the transition to medical school. Al's Pals (Al as in Alpert) pairs up interested incoming M1's with "buddy" M2 pals. Your pal will help answer questions you have about medical school, Brown, and Providence, and dispense age-old wisdom that has sustained medical students over the generations (Tip #173: Most students preferred Netter's over Gray's anatomy text). Al's Pals also runs events during the year to enhance the student body's social and mental well-being. Yes, ice cream will be involved.

Brown Med Bhangra

2013-2014 Leaders: Heather Jones MD'14, Isha Parulkar MD'15

Brown Med Bhangra is a student group dedicated to teaching the Indian folk dance of bhangra. Medical students of all skill levels come together to learn traditional dances in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

Brown Med Notes Collective

2013-2014 Leaders: Ted Apstein MD'15, Anjali Chandra MD'16, Leah Rappaport MD'16, Laura Ucik MD'17, Edgar Woznika MD'15

The Brown Med Notes Collective is a collaborative, student-driven note-taking organization. We create student-oriented lecture notes for the first and second year curriculum, making special effort to organize, synthesize, and explain information to make it easier to understand. By distributing notes that are in "ready-to-study" format, we reduce the time medical students spend processing raw information and, in doing so, encourage more efficient studying habits. Notes can be accessed and edited simultaneously by all Brown medical students, creating a study group limited to neither time nor place. Subsequent class years update the notes while all students continue to have access to the notes.

Choral Rehydration Therapy

2013-2014 Leaders: Tiffany Hsu MD'16, Jordan Thompson MD'16

Choral Rehydration Therapy is Alpert Medical School's coed a cappella group. Originally founded in November 2011 for the Low Yield Variety Show, Choral Rehydration Therapy has continued to thrive and sing songs ranging from the Beatles to Billy Joel. No a cappella or choral experience is required to join, and medical students of all years and faculty are welcome. Whether you're thirsty for some vocal harmony or just want puns and parodies, quench your thirst with Choral Rehydration Therapy.

Careers in Medicine

2011-2012 Leaders: Thomas Kim MD'12, Reshma Ramachandran MD'13, Ina Soh MD'13, Kumar Vasudevan MD'12

Careers in Medicine (CIM) is a comprehensive career advising program of the AAMC utilized by the Brown Advising Program. The CIM website contains self-assessment tools and a broad range of information on specialty areas and specialty area decision making. The medical school's advising program has adapted CIM to include a series of specialty area panels that bring preclinical students into contact with faculty early in their medical training, as well as a student-led portion of CIM that focuses on providing students with information on career options and decision making. Our student-led portion of CIM works closely with student interest groups to provide students with opportunities to discuss career choice with each other and with practitioners in a particular area.

Graduate/Medical Student Christian Fellowship

2013-2014 Leaders: Brendon Esquibel MD'15, Angela Yang MD'14

GMCF seeks to encourage and equip graduate and medical students of all ethnicities to get to know Jesus Christ together, and to be an open space for discussion and questions for believers and non-believers alike. Our hope is to learn to live as Jesus' disciples-- to be a redeeming influence among the people, ideas, and structures of the university and professions. GMCF expresses this vision in our commitment to: spiritual formation, multi-cultural community, evangelism & service, and integration of faith, learning, and practice. We have weekly gatherings and monthly small groups. All are welcome.

Gun Safety for the Physician

2011-2012 Leaders: Brenna Brucker MD'13

Instruction on gun safety; sports marksmanship training at local gun clubs; discussion on the politics of gun safety in society; lectures regarding ballistic injuries in medicine. Visit our website at:

Musicians' Guild

2013-2014 Leaders: Vanessa Baratta MD'16, Robert Heinl MD'15, Mary Kao MD'16, Matthew Schwede MD'15, Vyvy Trinh MD'16

The Musicians' Guild is a group of musically inclined medical students, residents, and attendings for people who want to keep playing after joining the medical field. The Musicians' Guild primarily exists to organize and support musical endeavors by helping its members form ensembles and by finding playing opportunities. We also help to organize the BioMed Musicale, which is an annual fall concert showcasing the artistic and musical talent of Brown medical students.

Patient Advocacy Coordinating Council

2013-2014 Leaders: Joshua Rodriguez-Srednicki MD'16, Vyvy Trinh MD'16

The Patient Advocacy Coordinating Council (PACC) is made of up of several student groups with the common goal of promoting patient advocacy within the medical school and the community at large. PACC coordinates the allocation of funds for student groups that host events that are particularly aimed for patients and patient care. PACC also offers grants for student groups or individuals seeking funding for events or projects relating to patient advocacy.

Student groups under the PACC umbrella plan events to educate medical students on patient advocacy as well as events that directly impact patient care.

Primary Care Progress

2011-2012 Leaders: Colin Burke MD'14, Christi Butler MD'14, Mae Shen MD'14

Brown Primary Care Progress is Brown's chapter of a national organization devoted to promoting primary care and transforming care delivery and training. Our goal is to bring students, residents, and faculty together to inspire innovation in primary care and to create a network of primary care-oriented community members. Our chapter is relatively new, and we are constantly seeking input from students, residents, and faculty at all levels on ways in which we might best serve the primary care community here at Brown.

Student Health Council

2014-2015 Leaders: Katie Brooks and Lianna Karp

The Student Health Council (SHC) promotes the healthy functioning of Brown PLME and medical students within their social and professional communities. It is comprised of a few students selected from each medical school class as well as licensed professionals in the mental health field. Our concern for student well-being is matched by concern for patient safety. The SHC aims to address behavioral health concerns, substance use, and mental or physical illness that may impair students' well-being during medical school and practice of safe medicine. We facilitate these aims through peer counseling and support, resource connections, wellness advocacy and education. Participation in peer support relationships with the SHC is voluntary and strictly confidential.​ ​Please email for additional information.

The Quince

2013-2014 Leaders: Tendo Kironde MD'15, Mansi Shah Vasconcellos MD'14

The Quince is a student-led literary review for prose, poetry, and visual art born out of individuals of the Rhode Island medical community. Our annual publication and online magazine is a one-of-a-kind resource serving to foster a creative dialogue in our medical community.