Medical service groups

The groups listed below are run by Alpert Medical School students and focus on helping the local community by providing free healthcare and healthcare-related resources. They are funded by the Medical School Senate as well as the Patient Advocacy Coordinating Council.

If you would like to get in touch with any of these groups, please email for contact information.

Bone Marrow Registration Drive

2013-2014 Leaders: Joshua Rodriguez-Srednicki MD'16, Dominic Wu MD'16

Started in 2006, the Bone Marrow Drive holds annual events to encourage members of the Brown and Providence community to enroll in the National Marrow Donor Program's Be The Match Registry. The registry helps save lives by helping patients in need of marrow donors find a match.

Breeze Against Wheeze

2013-2014 Leaders: Burton Shen MD'16

2013 will mark the 12th Annual Breeze Against Wheeze 5K. The race was conceived to help finance Hasbro Children's Hospital's Asthma Camp, a project of the Community Asthma Program. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Asthma Camp, which is designed for asthmatic children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Community Asthma Program is a comprehensive educational program based at Hasbro Children's Hospital, the pediatric facility of Rhode Island Hospital. The program provides children and their families with the tools, knowledge and resources necessary to manage pediatric asthma.

Brown Student Community Clinic

2013-2014 Leaders: Jason Bowman MD'16, Anna Costello MD'16, David Douriez MD'16, Nan Du MD'16, Justin Glavis-Bloom MD'16, William Mangham MD'16, Minoo Ramanathan MD'16, Joshua Rodriguez-Srednicki MD'16

The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Student Community Clinic (BSCC) was started in 2011. The clinic's mission is to increase student interest in primary care by enabling students to provide medical care for underserved patients. The clinic is housed at the Rhode Island Free Clinic (RIFC), a fully-licensed outpatient ambulatory care center that serves as a patient-centered medical home and provides free services to adults who lack health insurance and cannot afford to pay for medical care. Two physicians attend BSCC each month to serve as supervising attending physicians.

The BSCC is run each month by a board of eight medical students. Applications for first year students who are interested are sent out in December. Roles are divided into evaluation and outcomes, public liaison, training, finance, scheduling and recruitment, and technology. Third and fourth year students are recruited to volunteer for each clinic, facilitating diversity of involvement across classes as well as student to student mentoring.

Brown Vision Initiative

2013-2014 Leaders: Tiffany Hsu MD'16, Alicia Chen MD'16, Benjamin Young MD'16

Brown Vision Initiative (BVI) is a student organization run by Brown University and Alpert Medical School student volunteers.  We provide free vision and glaucoma screenings twice a month at RIFC.  Screenings are open to RIFC patients as well as to the community. BVI also organizes eyeglass drives that provide free frames to those who need it locally and abroad, and has fundraised for organizations that improve access to eye care and prevent blindness.  Members also gain exposure to the medical specialty of ophthalmology and will have numerous opportunities to work closely with patients and medical professionals alike.

Clinica Esperanza/Hope Clinic

2013-2014 Leaders: Haiyan Ramirez Batlle MD'16, Marie DeLuca MD'16, Scott Levin MD'16, Caitlin Naureckas MD'16, Nicole Noronha MD'16, Emily Viggiano MD'16, Rian Yalamanchili MD'16

Clinica Esperanza is a free clinic that was developed to offer high quality primary care and preventive health services to adults living without health insurance in Rhode Island. Clinica Esperanza is unique in that it places a special emphasis on providing culturally and linguistically competent care for the large population in Rhode Island that speaks Spanish as their primary language.

In the 2013-2014 school year we will be looking for student volunteers to work in two roles: intake volunteers and medical interpreters. As intake volunteers, students take medical histories and vital signs on patients before the patients see the physician. We also provide Spanish-speaking medical interpreters for physicians.

We will also be looking for students interested in participating in the Student Clinic, a student-run, faculty-supervised clinic of Warren Alpert Medical School based at Clinica Esperanza. With its own first clinic held in September 2011, Student Clinic has alleviated substantial pressure on Clinica: at least 3 new uninsured patients are taken off the waiting list and seen monthly by pairs of junior medical students (a first year student, and a second year student) supervised by an attending physician. Student Clinic provides continued care, including a number of follow-up patients at each monthly clinic. The goal of this student clinic is to allow students to develop their skills under the guidance of a Brown affiliated physician, while also reaching out to the community around them.

Healing through Harmony

2013-2014 Leaders: Vanessa Baratta MD'16, Robert Heinl MD'15, Mary Kao MD'16, Matthew Schwede MD'15, Vyvy Trinh MD'16

Healing through Harmony is a group of medical students who share a love for music and want to give back to their patients. We have set up clinical sites at Rhode Island Hospital, Hasbro, and the Miriam Hospital for performances of all genres and ensemble types. This benefits patients and staff, as well as the maturity, empathy, and medical knowledge of the students in this program. It is also a great way for medical students to familiarize themselves with the hospitals and meet attendings.

Invigorating Science Education in Rhode Island

2011-2012 Leaders: Brenna Brucker MD'13, William Brucker MD'13

Graduate and undergraduate volunteers to serve as illustrators and writers of clinical vignettes. The vignettes are used to bolster scientific curriculum in local middle and high schools.

Pathways Mentorship Group

2012-2013 Leaders: Anjali Chandra MD'16, Jeanne Delgado MD'16, Calvin Lambert MD'15, Jack Ludwig MD'16, and Jordan Thompson MD'16

Started in 2013, the Pathways Mentorship Group at Alpert Medical School seeks to pair medical and undergraduate (PLME) student mentors with Rhode Island high school students interested in careers in healthcare. In its inaugural outreach effort, the "Pipeline Program", Brown student members serve as teachers and mentors in monthly "Pipeline" sessions at Alpert Medical School. These sessions feature case studies, healthcare simulations, career advice panels, and valuable mentor/mentee sessions aimed at supporting and guiding students in their preparation for educational and professional endeavors ahead. The semester long program culminates in a final project presentation, individualized to the interests of each high school student.

For more details, photos, and ways to get involved, please visit our website:

Rhode Island Free Clinic

2013-2014 Leaders: Nan Du MD'16, Tiffany Hsu MD'16, Stephanie Lee MD'16

Established in 1999, the Rhode Island Free Clinic provides free, comprehensive high quality medical care to the uninsured of Rhode Island. Medical student volunteers from the Alpert Medical School of Brown University staff a wide range of positions in medical recording, check-out, patient advocacy, and translating/interpreting.

Sports Legacy Institute Community Educators

2012-2013 Leaders: Linda Chao MD'15

The primary mission of Sports Legacy Institute Community Educators (SLICE) is to raise awareness and knowledge about concussions among student-athletes in middle school and high school. To accomplish this, medical students at schools across the United States have delivered interactive, discussion-based presentations at schools in their local community. Since its founding in 2009, SLICE has established chapters at medical schools across the country including Harvard Medical School and Boston University School of Medicine and has reached thousands of students in grades 4-12.

Teddy Bear Clinic

2013-2014 Leaders: Alissa Cooper MD'17, Emily Davis MD'17, Kelly Fitzgerald MD'17, Jennifer Lee MD'17, Sophie Lin MD'17, Hyeon-Ju Ryoo MD'17, Liam Sullivan MD'17, Matthew Wieler MD'17

The Teddy Bear Clinic is a one-day event (2-3 hours) that aims to teach young disadvantaged children in Providence and its metropolis about healthy habits and aspects of visiting the doctor’s office. Each participating child receives a teddy bear and has a chance to ‘doctor’ the teddy bear to become more comfortable with previously unfamiliar aspects of healthcare and gain confidence in making lifestyle changes. Topics covered in Teddy Bear Clinics include nutrition, exercise, injury prevention, vaccinations, and ER visits.