Health Resources

Your good health is an essential part of your wellness and success as a medical student at Alpert Medical School. Brown University and community health resources will partner with you to insure you receive exceptional preventative and/or ongoing health care whenever needed, as well as urgent care for emergencies or illnesses.  The following outline the various health services AMS students may take advantage of.

Brown University Health Services

Brown University Health Services offers comprehensive health care to students. They are committed to the concept of wellness. You can be seen by appointment (often the same day). Call 863-3953 to schedule an appointment. If you have a medical question or are uncertain about the need to see a provider, medical advice is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (401) 863-1330.

Community Primary Career Physicians

Some students may come to the AMS with pre-existing issues that need routine maintenance from a primary care physician beyond Health Services.  Students in these situations are encouraged to bring their medical records from home with them upon entering medical school.  The AMS partners with two medical groups, Anchor Medical Associates and Coastal Medical, to assist students in having their medical needs met.

These practices are available to see our students. However, please be aware that medical students may rotate at some of these offices for clinical rotations and you may want to inquire if that is the case when you call for an appointment. The office may be able to accommodate you during times when no students are rotating.


Anchor Medical Associates

One Hoppin Street, Coro Building, 3rd floor, Providence, RI 02903

To establish a relationship with a primary care physician at Anchor Medical students need to call the Providence office only and register before an appointment is actually needed.  Identify yourself as a Brown medical student needing a primary care physician. Anchor Medical will require a physical exam which can be done at the same time of your initial appointment. This may occur with a primary care physician or a physician’s assistant.

If not using Brown Insurance, prior to scheduling an appointment, visit their web site and review the Insurances Accepted page to verify that your insurance is accepted.  Arrive 15 minutes early to complete paperwork at the initial visit, bring a photo ID, medical records, and all prescription and/or vitamin bottles with you that you currently use.  If a same day appointment is requested the visit may be with a physician’s assistant rather than the primary care provider.

Once your file has been established with Anchor Medical students may then utilize their “on-call” service on nights or weekends.  If calling during one of these times you will speak with an answering service who will direct your message to the on-call physician.

Coastal Medical

6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite 701, Lincoln, RI

To establish a relationship with a primary care physician at Coastal Medical students need to call the Lincoln office and identify yourself as a Brown medical student needing a primary care physician and that you need to set up a new patient visit.  The new patient visit can include the actual reason for the visit.

If the initial visit is scheduled with advanced time a new patient packet can be mailed to the student to complete; if not students need to arrive at least 15 minutes early to complete paperwork. If not using Brown Insurance, students should call their insurance company to verify that their insurance is accepted by Coastal Medical.

Physicians accepting new patients at Coastal Medical are Dr. Mridula Menon (for those wanting a female physician) and Dr. Daniel Asiedu (for those needing an early evening appointment). If one of these physicians becomes your primary care provider and they are on vacation at the time of your call you will be seen by another physician in the office.

Coastal Medical has “on-call” physicians Monday – Friday.  When calling on the weekend students will speak first with an answering service who will relay information to whichever physician is on call that weekend.  This also applies to holiday coverage.

Brown Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance is run through the Office of Insurance and Purchasing Services and provides a very detailed description of their policies here

To see what providers accept Brown’s health insurance visit and review providers. 

Psychiatric Services

Brown University Psychological Services offers assessment, brief psychotherapy and crisis intervention to medical students.

For confidential referrals to psychiatric services in the community please contact Dr. Christine Montross at

Student Health Council

The Student Health Council (SHC) is a volunteer peer counseling program comprised of student advocates from all four years of medical school, who are trained by, and work with, faculty members in addressing issues experienced by medical students. The SHC seeks to foster a supportive medical school environment where students are encouraged to use a variety of support systems and establishes confidential relationships with students through self-referrals and student and/or faculty referrals.

The Student Health Council is available to all students to provide compassionate assistance while protecting the rights and confidentiality of the student in need.