Iberia"All events are held at the Annmary Brown Memorial (21 Brown Street) at 5:30 PM and free of charge unless otherwise indicated.


The Rhode Island Medieval Circle Lectures

FALL 2016

  • Thur., Sept. 29 - Lester Little (Smith College,) "The Wine Porters of Northern Italy: Reconstructing the History of a Forgotten Trade and its Patron Saint"

Lester LittleLester LittleL. Little PosterL. Little Poster



  • Thur., Oct. 27 – Robert D. Fulk (Indiana University Bloomington,) “Some Verses Not in Njáls saga” R. Fulk PosterR. Fulk Poster

Njáls saga
, the greatest (and longest) of the Icelandic family sagas, was composed about 1280. Sometime shortly thereafter an anonymous poet composed thirty stanzas of skaldic verse for insertion into the saga, and these are found in a limited set of manuscripts. A close examination of these stanzas sheds intriguing and often amusing light on the aesthetics of saga composition ca.1300 and on the function of poetry in the sagas.

  • Mon., Nov. 14 - Cord Whitaker (Assistant Prof. of English at Wellesley College,) "Shimmering Philological Mirage: Chaucer’s Miller’s Tale and the Spiritual Side of Race" 

C. Whitaker PosterC. Whitaker Poster

C. WhitakerC. Whitaker







Cord J. Whitaker is Assistant Professor in the English Department at Wellesley College. The recipient of numerous fellowships and grants, Whitaker publishes on medieval romance, religious conflict, and the history of race. He recently edited the award-winning “Making Race Matter in the Middle Ages,” a special issue of postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies. Whitaker will present a portion of his book-in-progress, Black Metaphors: Race, Religion, and Rhetoric in the Literature of Late Medieval England.

  • Thur., Dec. 1 - Maria Doerfler (Yale University,) "Women as Avatars of Wisdom in Late Ancient Homiletic Discourse" M.Doerfler-PosterM.Doerfler-Poster

Maria DoerflerMaria Doerfler






Maria E Doerfler serves as Assistant Professor of Eastern Christianity in the Department of Religious Studies at Yale University.  Her work focuses on late ancient strategies for reading and interpreting authoritative texts in times of personal or communal crisis. She is currently working on a monograph on Christian responses to the death of children and infants in late antiquity.



  •  Thur., Feb. 23 -Anders Winroth (Yale University, Canon law, Gratian's Decretum (work that won him a MacArthur Prize), but he has also written more recently on Vikings) 
  • Thur., March 16 - Lillian von der Walde Moheno (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Itzlapalapa, México, 15th cent. Spanish lit., Sentimental Fiction, Celestina) 
  • Thur., April 20 -Vasilis Marinis (Yale University; Byzantine art history and architecture)




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