Brown’s Program in Medieval Studies currently offers the concentration track in Medieval Cultures and the track in Late Antique Cultures. The track in Medieval Cultures focuses on the sixth through the fifteenth centuries and combines interdisciplinary perspectives on this period with an in-depth study of one or two related disciplines. The track in Late Antique Cultures deals with the third through the ninth centuries, when ancient cultural forms were still in place but medieval cultures were beginning to take shape simultaneously.



PABLO CABAN-BONET (Late Antique Cultures, Honors)

Pablo Caban-BonetPablo Caban-Bonet

  • How will you remember Brown?

    - As a place of tremendous growth. I can honestly say that each and every course I have taken while at Brown has been for my betterment. For instance, I have had the opportunity to engage with many different methodologies and perspectives. Huge shout-out to the Medieval Studies faculty! Outside of Brown's academics, I have made solid, long-lasting friendships, which have been of enormous importance to my undergraduate career. 
  • What is the single most important benefit you have realized from concentrating in Medieval Cultures?

    - Through the Medieval Cultures program, I have developed a scholarly passion for the Late Antique and Medieval periods. I hope to become a professor of Medieval Studies in the future!!
  • What advice would you give your first year-self?

    - Brown has a ton of different learning and research opportunities—look for them! Ask your mentors, professors, and your fellow upperclassmen about fellowships, funding, and summer programs. Engaging with these opportunities will enrich your time as an undergrad and prepare you for life after Brown. 


RYAN SIMPSON (Medieval Cultures)

Ryan SimpsonRyan Simpson

  • How will you remember Brown? 

- As a place filled with remarkable people. Every professor of every course I have taken (as well as a few of those under whom I never had the chance to study) has taught me something important and given me a new perspective. The same can be said of all the students I had the opportunity to spend time with. Brown is home to an extremely kind and open-minded community, and it has been an honor to be a part of it.

  • What is the single most important benefit you have realized from concentrating in Medieval Cultures?

- Because I chose to concentrate in Medieval Cultures, I have been able to receive a wonderfully varied education during my time at Brown. Brown's Medieval Studies program is very interdisciplinary, enabling me to take courses on everything from the history of the Vikings to medieval Chinese funerary art. The concentration also affords students the ability to take numerous classes from other departments, allowing me to remain in touch with the sciences and even take language classes. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been able to experience such a wide spectrum of subjects and fields throughout my undergraduate education.

  • What advice would you give your first-year self?

- Go for it. Regardless of what "it" may be, if it interests you and you want to try it, do so. Join that niche club that caught your eye. Take that course that looks fun, but has nothing to do with your concentration. Go for it.