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Fall 2019

CoURSE number Course title Instructor
MCM0230 Digital Media J. Li
MCM0250 Visuality and Visual Theories A. Azoulay
MCM0700B Mediating the Live: Making and Documenting Performance Art C. Fusco
MCM0710A Introduction to Filmic Practice: Time and Form
J. Montgomery
MCM0730C Foundation Media (Interested students must register for VISA0120) E. Osborn (cross-listed)
MCM0750A Art in Digital Culture M. Armstrong
MCM0800N Hitchcock! (Interested students must register for ENGL0151A) S. Burrows (cross-listed)
MCM0902M The end of politics as we know it? New Media & Political Imagination I. Kalinka
China Through the Lens: History, Cinema and Critical Discourse (Interested students must register for EAST1270) L. Wang
MCM1204J A New Black Gaze T. Campt
MCM1204L Transmedia Storytelling and the New Italian Epic (Interested students must register for ITAL1350A) M. Riva and A. Carpin (cross-listed)
MCM1204M Latin American Horror Film (interested students must register for GNSS1520) J. Jehen (cross-listed)
MCM1204N Tv and/as Popular Culture T. Pozo
MCM1504V Technologies of/and the Body: Mediated Visions (Interested students must register for GNSS1720) G. Koch (cross-listed)
MCM1505B Hitchcock: The Theory J. Copjec
MCM1505V Reading Sex (Interested students must register for ENGL1900K) J. Khalip (cross-listed)
MCM1506J Representing Sexuality and Gender on Screen T. Pozo
MCM1506K Image, Spectacle, Everday Life K. Berger
MCM1506M Art, Culture, and Society in Tehran S. Tabatabaei
MCM1700D Reframing Documentary Production:  Concepts and Questions D. Udris
MCM1701G Text in Time-based Art J. Montgomery
MCM1701J Data Visceralization and Climate Change
T. Pozo
MCM1701L Time Deformations (Interested students must register for VISA1740) E. Osborn
MCM1701M Advanced Screenwriting (Interested students must register for LITR 1010E) L. Colella (cross-listed)
MCM1701O The Arts Workshop for Practice and Practice-Oriented Research (interested students must register for LITR 1000) J. Cayley
MCM2110T The Contingency of Critique E. Rooney 
MCM2120N Critical Theories of Mass Media G. Koch

Spring 2020

MCM0150 Text/Media/Culture: Theories of Modern Culture and Media E. Rooney
Introduction to the Production Image D. Udris
MCM0700C Screenwriting I (Interested students must register for LITR0110E) L. Colella (cross-listed)
MCM0710A Introduction to Filmic Practice: Time and Form J. Montgomery
Foundation Media (Interested students must register for VISA0120) E. Osborn (cross-listed)
MCM0750D Dynamic Futures: Speculative Media M. Armstrong
MCM0780A Soundtracks: Sound Production and Visusal Media A. Cokes
MCM0800O Global Anime  J. Li

Reading Practices: An Introduction to Literary Theory 

E. Rooney 
MCM1204B China Modern: An Introduction to the Literature of Twentieth-Century China (Interested students must register for EAST1070) L. Wang (cross-listed)
MCM1204F Critical Video Game Studies T. Pozo
MCM1204K From Analog to Analogue: Digitality and Ephemerality in Audiovisual Archives  R. Longo
MCM1204O Post-1989 Chinese Media: The Culture and Politics of Control  J. Li
MCM1204P Nationalism and Transnationalism in Film and Fiction V. Calotychos (cross-listed)
MCM1204S Asia Extreme: Beauty and Violence in Korean Media (Interested students must register for EAST 1292) E. Choi (cross-listed)
MCM1503O Market Economy, Popular Culture and Mass Media (Interested students must register for EAST1950G) L. Wang (cross-listed)
MCM1504J Kubrick (Interested students must register for ENGL1762D) R. Rambuss (cross-listed)
MCM1506D 1492—Unlearning Single World Order and Single World History (Interested students must register for COLT1815J) A. Azoulay (cross-listed) 
MCM1506E Rethinking Black Visuality T. Campt
Patterns of Migrations/People and Objects (Interested students must register for COLT1440W) A. Azoulay
MCM1506H Inoperative Selves (Interested students must register for ENGL 1950L) J. Khalip
MCM1506I Fanon and Spillers (Interested students must register for ENGL 1901J) K. Quashie (cross-listed)
MCM1506L Small Screens  T. Pozo
Experimental Narrative J. Montgomery
MCM1701I Digital Worlding: Terraforming Future: Fact, Fiction and Fabulation M. Armstrong
MCM1701N Advanced Digital Language Arts (Intersted students must register for LITR 1010D) J. Cayley (cross-listed)
MCM2100Y Solidarities: Sharing Freedo, Inventing Futures (Interested students must register for HMAN 2971H) J. Gilbert (cross-listed)
MCM2110U Apparatus & Economy J. Copjec
MCM2300I Popular Music Studies (Interested students must register for AMST2220R) K. Miller (cross-listed)
MCM2310O The Visual Frequency of Black Life (Interested students can also register for HMAN2400W) T. Campt (double-listed)
MCM2510I Italian Thought: Inside and Out (Interested students must register for HMAN2400U) S. Stewart-Steinberg + L. Odello