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Fall 2017

Code Title Instructor

Digital Media

H. Goodwin
MCM0240 Television Studies L. Joyrich

Introduction to Filmic Practice: Time and Form

J. Montgomery

Introduction to Video Production: Critical Strategies and Histories

A. Cokes
MCM0750A Art in Digital Culture M. Armstrong
MCM0902D The Visual Culture of Suffering J. Johnson
MCM0902C Digital Media in the Time of Ecological Crisis T. Pringle

Performance Theory and World Theatre History: Paleolithic to Medieval 

R. Schneider (cross-listed)
MCM1203S New Waves From Paris to Hollywood   D. Wills  
(cross- listed)
MCM1203U East Asian Cinemas in a Global Frame H. Chen
MCM1203W Social Media Networks: From Local to Global H. Goodwin
MCM1203Y Rhythm Beyond Music B. House (cross-listed)
MCM1204A Queer Performance L. Hilton (cross-listed)
MCM1204B China Modern: An Introduction to the Literature of Twentieth-Century China L. Wang (cross-listed)

W.G. Sebald and Some Interlocutors

T. Bewes  (cross-listed)
MCM1504I Image, Music, Text S. Burrows (cross-listed)
MCM1504Q Reading Narrative Theory E. Rooney (cross-listed)
MCM1504R Iranian Cinema J. Copjec
MCM1505C Cinema's Bodies G. Koch   (cross-listed)

Kubrick’s Work: A study of his Feature Films, Documentaries, and Photography

R. Rambuss (cross-listed)
MCM1505I Writing and the Ruins of Empire W. Keach (cross-listed)
MCM1505K Blackness and the Cinematic K. Keeling
MCM1505L Framing Gender in Middle Eastern Studies L. Thompson (cross-listed)
MCM1700D Reframing Documentary Production: Concepts and Questions A. Cokes
MCM1701E Experimental Narrative J. Montgomery

Potential History of Photography: Collaboration

A. Azoulay
MCM2100T Caring for the Truth A. Ophir (cross-listed)

Ultimate Dialogicality: Thinking With Bakhtin

T. Bewes (cross-listed)
MCM2120J Realism - Concepts, Forms and Styles G. Koch
MCM2120K Deleuze and Cinema K. Keeling

Not With The Master’s Tools: Freedom, Enslavement, Emancipation, and Reparations

A. Azoulay (cross-listed)

Spring 2018

MCM0150 Text/Media/Culture: Theories of Modern Culture and Media B. Honig + A. Azoulay
MCM0700A Introduction to the Production Image D. Udris
Introduction to Filmmaking: Time and form J. Montgomery
MCM0750A Art in Digital Culture M. Armstrong
Soundtracks: Sound Production and Visual Media A. Cokes

What is Colonialism? - Archives, Texts and Images

A. Azoulay (cross-listed)

In Design: Layouts of Modern Media and Design

G. Jung

Post Cinema? Histories and Politics in the “Digital Revolution” 

M. Ellis
MCM0902J The Humanities in Context: Literature, Media, Critique D. Mahiet (cross-listed)
MCM1202D China Through the Lens: History, Cinema, and Critical Discourse L. Wang   (cross-listed)

Aesthetics of Political Cinema: From Montage to Political Modernism

P. Rosen
MCM1203X Digital Bodies: Cyborgs, Biometrics, and Corporeal Data H. Goodwin
MCM1503E Aesthetic Theory/Cultural Studies E. Rooney

Chinese Women, Gender and Feminism from Historical and Transnational Perspectives

L. Wang (cross-listed)
MCM1504H Panorama and the 19th-Century Visual Culture M. Riva    (cross-listed)
MCM1505J Oppositional Cinemas H. Chen
MCM1505M From Nanobots to Space Probes: Media and Scale H. Goodwin
MCM1505N Gender, Sexuality and the Imagination K. Keeling + W. Chun

Does Utopia Still Exist? Media, politics and the hope of something else

R. Dasgupta
MCM1700Y Expanded Storytelling: Capture, Share and Expose M. Armstrong
MCM1701G Text in Time-based Art J. Montgomery
MCM2100B Culture and Criticism in Marxist Theory P. Rosen
MCM2110P Genres of Critique E. Rooney (cross-listed)
MCM2120M Critical Data Studies W. Chun
MCM2310H Television Realities L. Joyrich
MCM2310M Politics and Literature Honig + Anderson
MCM2310N Photographic Memory  S. Burrows (cross-listed)