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Fall 2020

CoURSE number Course title Instructor Delivery method
MCM0710A Introduction to Filmic Practice: Time and Form J. Montgomery Hybrid
MCM0750A Art in Digital Culture M. Armstrong Hybrid
MCM0902O Neural Media: A Cultural History of Machine Learning T. Lepage-Richer Online
MCM1204U Slow Cinema T. Theus Online

Global Theatre and Performance: Paleolithic to the Threshold of Early Modernity (Interesed students must register for TAPS 1230)

R. Schnedier (cross-listed) Online

Chinese Women, Gender, and Feminism from Historical and Transnational Perspectives (Interested students must register for EAST1950B)

L. Wang (cross-listed) TBA
MCM1504R Iranian Cinema J. Copjec Online
MCM1505P Channeling Race: Television and Race in America L. Joyrich Online
MCM1506P From Hypernovel to Paranoid Fiction (Interested students must register for ITAL1400T) M. Riva (cross-listed) Online
MCM1506Q Whites, Whites Jews and Us: Radical Black, Arab and Jewish Thinkers (Interested students must register for COLT 1610W) A. Azoulay (cross-listed) Online
MCM1506R Anime Culture: Theory and Media Ecology of Animation J. Li Online
MCM1506S Iranian Art: Sites and Sights Interested students must register for MES1170) S. Tabatabaei (cross-listed) Online
MCM1700D Reframing Documentary Production: Concepts and Questions D. Udris Hybrid
MCM1701K As Above, So Below: Spatial Relations in Film Practice J. Montgomery Hybrid
Queer Theories L. Joyrich Online

Bakhtin and the Political Present: Literature, Anthropology, Dialogue (Interested students must register for ENGL2900)

T. Bewes + P. Faudree (cross-listed) Hybrid
MCM2101B Black Critique (Interested students must register for AFRI2300) A. Bogues (cross-listed) Hybrid
MCM2110W Performance Studies and Theatrical Theory (Interested students must register for TAPS2100) R. Schneider (cross-listed) Online
MCM2120P Photography on the Picket Line: Unlearning Imperial Formations of Photography A. Azoulay Online
MCM2510K Media Regionalism: Between Empires and Territories J. Li Online

Spring 2021

MCM0150 Text/Media/Culture: Theories of Modern Culture and Media A. Azoulay+B. Honig Online
MCM0220 Print Cultures: Textuality and the History of Books E. Rooney Online
Cinematic Coding and Narrativity J. Copjec Online
MCM0700A Introduction to the Production Image D. Udris Hybrid
MCM0710A Introduction to Filmic Practice: Time and Form J. Montgomery Hybrid
MCM0750A Art in Digital Culture M. Armstrong Online
Literally Occult: Hidden Imaginaries in Media and Theory R. Rowson Hybrid
MCM1204R Memory, Identity, and the Archival Paradigm R. Longo Hybrid
MCM1204T What Happened to the Future? Nostalgia After the End of History M. Ellis Online
MCM1503B Jane Austen and George Eliot (Interested students must register for ENGL 1560A) E. Rooney (cross-listed) Online
MCM1505U The Late 60's: Film Countercultures (Interested students must register for ENGL1901H)

R. Rambuss 

MCM1506K Image, Spectacle, and Everyday Life K. Berger Hybrid
MCM1506N From Pathogens to Memes: Media, Pandemics, and Globalization J. Li Online
MCM1701E Experimental Narrative J. Montgomery Hybrid
MCM1701I Digital Worlding: Terraforming Future, Fact, Fiction and Fabulation M. Armstrong Online
MCM2100Z The Fugitivity of Slowness, Stillness, and Stasis (interested students must register for HMAN 2401D) T. Campt+D. Ramirez (cross-listed) Online
MCM2110X Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis (pending CCC approval) J. Copjec Online
MCM2300B Television, Gender and Sexuality L. Joyrich Online
MCM2300J Film Philosophy: Tragedies of Remarriage (interested students must register for POLS2355) B. Honig (cross-listed) Online

Summer 2021

MCM0230 Digital Media TBA Hybrid
MCM0700 TBA M. Armstrong Hybrid
MCM0700 TBA J. Montgomery Hybrid
Identification: Technologies: Sense, Surveillance, Subjectivity H. Shalloe Hybrid
MCM0902P Digital Media on Trial J. Huggins Online
MCM1204I On Both Sides of the Lens: Latin American Women Filmmakers (Interested students should register for GNSS1070) J. Lehnen (cross-listed) TBA
MCM1204J A New Black Gaze T. Campt Hybrid
MCM1504Q Reading Narrative Theory (Interested students should register for ENGL1950G) E. Rooney (cross-listed) Online