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Fall 2021

CoURSE number Course title Instructor
MCM0150 Text/Media/Culture: Theories of Modern Culture and Media A. Azoulay/B. Honig
MCM0700D Introduction to Film Preservation and Restoration R. Longo
MCM0710A Introduction to Filmic Practice: Time and Form J. Montgomery
MCM0750E Listening Beyond the Browserscape M. Armstrong
MCM0780A Soundtracks: Sound Production and Visual Media A. Cokes
MCM0800S Film after Film: An Introduction to Digital Cinema  M. Ellis
MCM0902P Digital Media on Trial J. Huggins
MCM0902S Celluloid Deaths E. Garcia
MCM1204J A New Black Gaze T. Campt
MCM1204Y Star Studies and Golden Age Hollywood L. Joyrich
MCM1506X Love Hurts: Romance, Media, Masochism V. Fitzpatrick
MCM1700F Theory for Practice / Practice as Theory A. Cokes
MCM1701G Text in Time-based Art J. Montgomery
MCM1701I Digital Worlding: Terraforming Future, Fact, Fiction and Fabulation M. Armstrong
MCM1701R Script, Cut, Repeat, Break: Critical Theory, Black Feminist Thought, Time-based Art R. Schneider
MCM1701S Anti-Social Reproduction: Art, Activism and the Question of Reproductive Labor A. Austin
MCM2310H Television Realities L. Joyrich
EAST1270/MCM1202D China Through the Lens: History, Cinema, and Critical Discourse   L. Wang (crosslisted)
ENGL0151A/MCM0800T Hitchcock!   S. Burrows (crosslisted)
The Listener: Literature, Theory, Film   P. Szendy (crosslisted)
HMAN2401E/MCM2110 Retouch: The Imaginaries of Repair (Crosslisted)

A. Azoulay (crosslisetd)

ITAL1030B/MCM1203O Modernity, Italian Style   M. Riva (crosslisted)
LITR1010H/MCM1701T Advanced Digital and Cross-Displinary Language Arts   J. Cayley (crosslisted)

Spring 2022

MCM0230 Digital Media J. Li
MCM0240 Television Studies L. Joyrich
MCM0710A Introduction to Filmic Practice J. Montgomery
MCM0750A Art in Digital Culture M. Armstrong
MCM0800R Transnational East Asian Cinemas: Local Ghosts, Global Monsters J. Li
MCM0902U Inventing Spaces: Theories of Spaces as Cultural Creations K. Merritte
MCM0902V Imperial Visions/Decolonial Practices: From Palestine to Turtle Island S. Razek
MCM1205A What We Talk About When We Talk About Horror  (pending CCC approval) V. Fitzpatrick
MCM1205B Screening Capital M. Ellis
MCM1506O Technologies of/and the Body - Mediated Visions G. Koch
MCM1504R Iranian Cinema J. Copjec
MCM1700D Reframing Documentary Production: Concepts and Questions A. Cokes
MCM1701E  Experimental Narrative J. Montgomery
MCM1701I Digital Worlding: Terraforming Future, Fact, Fiction, and Fabulation M. Armstrong
MCM2120O Concepts of Technology and Media G. Koch
ENGL1901L/MCM1506Y Corenberg/Lynch R. Rambuss (crosslisted)
ENGL2900X/MCM2100A Postcolonial Theory L. Ghandi (crosslisted)
FREN1150G/MCM1203S New Wave Cinema From Paris to Hollywood D. Wills (crosslisted)
ITAL0701/MCM0902W Simulating Reality: The (Curious) History and Science of Immersive Experiences M. Riva (cross listed)
POLS2285/MCM2110Z Language and Politics B. Honig (crosslisted)