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Fall 2018

Code Title Instructor

Digital Media

MCM0260 Cinematic Coding and Narrativity J. Copjec
MCM0700A Introduction to the Production Image D. Udris

Introduction to Filmic Practice: Time and Form

J. Montgomery
MCM0750A Art in Digital Culture M. Armstrong
MCM0780A Soundtracks: Sound Production and Visual Media A. Cokes
MCM0901M Ishiguro, Amongst Others (Interested students must register for ENGL 0710L) T. Bewes (cross-listed)
MCM0902G Visual Cultures of Repair and Resistance K. Estefan
MCM0902I Never Work! History, theory and media of work and its refusal A. Austin
MCM0902L Film Classics: The Greeks on the Silver Screen (Interested students must register for MGRK 0810) V. Calotychos (cross-listed)
MCM1202B Literature and Politics ((Interested students must register for ENGL 1900D) W. Keach
MCM1204D Politics of Chinese Cinemas T. Chen
MCM1505C Cinema's Bodies ((Interested students must register for COLT 1440T) G. Koch (cross-listed)
MCM1505P Channeling Race: Television and Race in America L. Joyrich
MCM1505V Reading Sex ((Interested students must register for ENGL 1900K) J. Khalip
MCM1700F Theory for Practice/Practice as Theory A. Cokes
MCM1701H TBA (Advanced course in Digital Media Production) K. Dobson
MCM1700 TBA (Advanced Filmmaking course) J. Montgomery
MCM2100V Sex. What is it? Why does it matter? J. Copjec
MCM2100W Archives: Imperial and Non-Imperial Histories, Practices and Theories (Interested students must register for HMAN 2400J) A. Azoulay + L. Wexler (cross-listed)
MCM2120H Objects of (and in) Animation G. Koch

Spring 2019

MCM0150 Text/Media/Culture: Theories of Modern Culture and Media A. Azoulay +
B. Honig
MCM0700B Mediating the Live: Making and Documenting Performance Art C. Fusco
Introduction to Filmmaking: Time and form J. Montgomery
MCM0730B TV/Not TV: Theory and Production A. Cokes + L. Joyrich 
Data Visceralization K. Dobson

Cinema and Revolution: A Global Perspective

C. Guan

In Design: Layouts of Modern Media and Design

G. Jung

The Aesthetics of Political Cinema: Montage, Politcial Modernism and Beyond

P. Rosen
MCM1203O Modernity, Italian Style (Interested students must register for ITAL 1030B) M. Riva
MCM1204E The Politics of Perspective: Post-war British Fiction (Interested students must register for ENGL 1711K) T. Bewes
MCM1503D W. G. Sebald and Some Interlocutors (Interested students must register for ENGL 1761Q) T. Bewes (cross-listed)
MCM1505R Film Noir and the Post-War City J. Copjec
MCM1505S Cinema and Imperialism T. Chen
MCM1505T Is that a fact? On the function of Interpreation at the present time (Interested students must register for HMAN 1973R) E. Rooney (cross-listed)
MCM505U The 60s: Film Countercultures (Interested students must register for ENGL 1901H) R. Rambuss (cross-listed)
MCM1700 TBA (Advanced Filmmaking course) J. Montgomery
MCM1700 TBA (Advanced Digital Media course) M. Armstrong
MCM2100U CAre of the World, Between Politics and Theology (Interested students must register for HMAN 2400N)

B. Honig +
A. Ophir

MCM2110S Ethical Turns in Psychoanalysis and Literature (Interested students must register for ENGL 2900N) R. Ravit
MCM2120L Aesthetics, Politics and Medium(s) in Contemporary Film Theory P. Rosen