Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

Timothy Bewes
Department of English
Contemporary British/American fiction, aesthetic theory, poststructuralist and Marxist literary theory, postmodernism and postcolonialism, and the politics and ethics of literary form.
Anthony Bogues
Department of Africana Studies
Contemporary critical theory , cultural studies , African and Caribbean literature and cinema , intellectual history, post-colonial theory,  African and African Diasporic critical thinkers.  
Jacques Khalip
Department of English
Romanticism; Queer Theory; Sexuality Studies; Critical Theory, Aesthetics
Massimo Riva
Department of Italian Studies
Italian studies; italian cinema; digital culture; italian literature and culture; literary and cultural theory.

Richard Rambuss
Department of English 
Gender and sexuality studies; queer theory; film and photography; the men's film; Kubrick

Rebecca Schneider
Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
Performance studies, "liveness," queer theory, photography, theatre, poststructural theory, phenomenology, mimesis.

Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg
Department of Comparative Literature and Italian Studies
Literary theory and analysis; political theory; gender and sexuality studies; psychoanalysis; Italian culture and intellectual history.

Lingzhen Wang
East Asian Studies
Modern Chinese literature and culture, Gender Studies, Feminist Theory, and Chinese cinema.  Her other research and writing projects include translations of Chinese women writers into English, a study of transnational feminism in the contemporary globalized world, and a critical re-examination of the socialist legacy on gender, politics, and identity formation.