Roger Mayer 
Professor Emeritus of Modern Culture and Media and Visual Art
Sound design for film and video, radio, marginal image practices: fax, copiers, lapsed technologies, etc., theories of representation.

Philip Rosen
Professor Emeritus of Modern Culture and Media
Film theory and history, with special attention to question of culture and ideology, and to historiography and tempoarlity in the contexts of a variety of national cinemas. He also worked on nationality, globality, and state violence in film and media, and on conceptions of materialism in the history of film theory.He has also written on television and on digital media. 

Robert Scholes
Professor Emeritus of Modern Culture and Media,  English, and Comparative Literature.
Semiotic theory, aesthetics, enlightenment, decadence, modernism, opera, narrative theory and textuality, the novel. Home page of Robert Scholes 

Michael Silverman
Professor Emeritus of Modern Culture and Media
Post-structuralist theory, film, the art world, commodities, machines, theories of subjectivity, discourses of gender.

Leslie Thornton
Professor Emerita of Modern Culture and Media
Produces films, videos, installations and artworks whose most salient feature is the continual re-questioning of cultural artifacts and hidden or invisible histories. Three of her main areas of interest include the influence of technological progress on our day to day lives, the organizing structure of narrative, and the a-verbal construction of an argument or position through the use of image, sound and time.