Office Hours

Spring 2021
NOTE: office hours will be via zoom

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Phone extension

Office Hours Link (if applicable)

Spring 2021—Office hours via ZOOM

You can also make an appointment to meet with a professor, outside of their office hours, by emailing them directly.

NOTE: if a link isn't available to make an appt. please email the instructor for a meeting during or outside of their office hours. 

Armstrong, Maralie Room 201 3-2553 W 1-3:00pm, by appointment
Azoulay, Ariella Room 209 3-2807 T 1:30-3p,
Berger, Kenny TBD TBD T 3-4:30pm
Campt, Tina Room 202 3-2125 Th noon-2pm, by appointment Make an appointment
Cokes, Anthony Room 205 3-3988 Sabbatical 2020-2021
Copjec, Joan Room 206 3-2380 W 2-3:30pm
Ellis, Matthew TBD TBS Email for appointment ([email protected])  
Honig, Bonnie Room 107 3-3755 F noon-2pm, by appointment    
Joyrich, Lynne  Room 212  3-9375  By appointment, online only ([email protected])  
Li, Jinying Room 207 3-3990 M 8:30-10pm; T 1:30-2:30; F 9-10am   calendar
Longo, Regina Room 101 3-7886 W 2-4pm Make an appointment
Montgomery, Jennifer Room 212 3-9375 W noon-2pm  
Rooney, Ellen Room 105 3-2152 Email for appointment ([email protected])  
Rowson, Rose TBD TBD Email for appointment ([email protected])  
Udris, David Room 104 3-2134 W 1-2pm