Dissertations Completed


Matthew Ellis
Dissertation: "The Return of History: Twenty-First Century American Cinema and the Crisis of Neoliberalism"
Visiting Assistant Professor and Deans' Faculty Fellow, Modern Culture and Media

Cassandra Xin Guan
Dissertation: "Maladaptive Media: Life and Other Political Emergencies"
Visiting Assistant Professor and Deans' Faculty Fellow, Science and Technology Studies


Jane’a Johnson-Farnham
Dissertation: "Lynching and the Archive: A History"
Teaching and Research fellow,  Center for Social Equity & Inclusion, Rhode Island School of Design (2020-2022)

Seungyeon Gabrielle Jung
"Toward a Utopia Without Revolution:  Developmentalism, Globalization, and Design"
Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in the Humanities, Stanford Humanities Center, Stanford University (2020-2022)

Nathan Lee  
Dissertation: "Post-Cinema and the Question of Critique"
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Film and Media Studies, Emory University

Thomas Patrick Pringle
"The Climate Proxy: Digital Cultures of Global Warming"
Postdoctoral Researcher at the Rank of Instructor, Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge, University of Chicago (2020-2021)
Assistant Professor of Communication and Environmental Studies at Tulane University (Starting 2021)

Mikhail Skoptsov
Dissertation: "Cinema’s Unstable Texts: A Historical Analysis of Textual Variation in the Film Industry”


Kenneth Berger
Dissertation: "Reinventions of Life: The Cinematic Avant-Gardes in the Age of Spectacle and Biopower."
Visiting Assistant Professor, Modern Culture and Media, Brown University (Fall 2019)

Beth Capper
Dissertation:  "Collective Housework: Post-1970s Feminist Media Cultures and the Crisis of Social Reproduction."
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Alberta, Department of English & Film Studies & Women's & Gender Studies (2019-2021)


Lakshmi Padmanabhan
Dissertation:  "The Untimely Image:  On Feminist Inactivism and Postcolonial Ethics"
Postdoctoral Fellowship for Society of Fellows, Darthmouth College (2018-2021)


Michael Ian Litwack website
Dissertation: "Racial Technics: Media and Machines in the Long Civil Rights Era"  
Assistant Professor, English and Film Studies, University of Alberta, Canada (2016 - present)

Seth Barry Watter
Dissertation: “The Human Figure on Film: Natural, Pictorial, Institutional, Fictional”
NOMIS Postdoctoral Fellow, eikones - Center for the Theory and History of the Image, University of Basel, Switzerland (2020-2021)
Visiting Assistant Professor, Pratt Institute (2019-2020).
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Brooklyn College (2018-2020)


Andrew Lison website
Dissertation: "Convergent Reverberations: The Newness of Media at the End of History" 
Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo, Department of Media Study (2018-present)
Visiting Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo, Department of Media Study (2017-2018)
Postdoctoral Researcher in the Digital Humanities, University of Kansas (2015-2017) 

Rijuta Ravindra Mehta website
Dissertation: "The Anticolonial Snapshot: South Asian Disruptions"
Assistant Professor of English, Univeristy of Toronto (2017 - present)
Assistant Professor of English, Connecticut College (2016 - 2017)

Brandeise Latoi Monk-Payton 
Dissertation: "Dark Optics: Blackness, Public Exposure, and Celebrity Image in Television and New Media Culture"
Assistant Professor, Communications and Media Studies, Fordham University (2017 - present) 
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Leslie Center for the Humanities, Department of Film and Media Studies, Darthmouth College (2016 - 2017)


Joshua Morse Guilford website
Dissertation: "Homeless Movies:  The Redemptive Project of the New American Cinema"
Assistant Professor of English in Film and Media Studies, Amherst College (2017 - present)

Hunter Reed Hargraves website
Dissertation: "Viscerally Uncomfortable TV: Affective Spectatorship and Televisual Neoliberalism"
Assistant Professor, Department of Radio-Tv-Film, California State University, Fullerton (present)


Margaret DeKoven Hennefeld website
Dissertation: "Specters of Slapstick and Silent Film Comediennes" (Winner of the Pembroke Center award - The Marie J. Langlois Dissertation Prize for an outstanding dissertation in an area of feminist studies.) 
Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, University of Minnesota (2015 - present)
Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Toronto (2014-2015)

Matthew David Noble-Olson 
Dissertation: "Late Cinema: Avantgarde, Medium, Capital" 

Mauro Resmini
Dissertation: “The Failure of Fantasy: Genre and Form in Contemporary Film” 
Assistant Professor of Film Studies and Italian, University of Maryland, College Park (2016 - present)


Aniruddha Maitra website
Dissertation: "Narcissism and the Scene of Reading: Towards a Global Politics of Local Aesthetics"
Assistant Professor, Film and Media Studies, Colgate University (2015 - present)
Visiting Assistant Professor of World Cinema, Hampshire College
Three-year appointment in the School of Humanities Arts and Cultural Studies


Anna Fisher website website 2
Dissertation: "Feminist Impositions: Performing Parasites in Contemporary Digital and Performance Art" 
Assistant Professor of American Culture at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2015 - present)
Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, 
Society for the Humanities, Cornell University (2012-15​)

Linda Liu
Dissertation: "Images between Images: Cinematic Inventions of the Everyday"
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Modern Culture and Media, Brown University, Fall 2012

Pooja Rangan  website (finished in 2011 - received degree in 2012)
Dissertation: "Automatic Enthnography: Otherness, Indexicality and Humanitarian Visual Media" (Winner of the Pembroke Center award - The Marie J. Langlois Dissertation Prize for an outstanding dissertation in an area of feminist studies.)
Assistant Professor of English in Film and Media Studies, Amherst College (2015 - present)
Assisant Professor of Culture and Media Studies, Eugene Lang College (2011-2015)
The New School For Liberal Arts
Her first book, Immediations: The Humanitarian Impulse in Documentary, will be published by Duke University Press (anticipated 2017).  

Paige Sarlin website
Dissertation: "Interview-Work: The Genealogy of a Cultural Form"
Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo, Department of Media Study (2013 - present)

Matthew Tierney website
Dissertation: "The Projector Rests On A Pile Of Books: Void And Medium In Postwar U.S. Culture"
Assistant Professor of English, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA (2015 - present )
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Modern Culture and Media, Brown University, 2012-2015
Lecturer, Department of English, University of Massachusetts, Boston, 2012-2013


Kia Afra
Dissertation: "Hollywood’s Trade Organizations: How Competition and Collaboration Forged A Vertically-Integrated Oligopoly, 1915-1928”
Instructor in Film Studies, Moorpark College, CA, Spring 2012

David Bering-Porter website
Dissertation: "Undead: Bodies and Codes of Uncanny Vitality in the Media of Late Capitalism"
Assistant Professor, Program in Culture and Media, Eugene Lane College of the Liberal Arts at The New School (July 2016 - present)
Assistant Professor of Film Studies, Department of English, Michigan State University (2012-2016 )

Braxton Soderman website (finished in 2010 - received degree in 2011)
Dissertation: "Playing With Media Histories: Video Games Through the Lens of Modernity and Modern Media"
Assistant Professor, Film & Media Studies, UC Irvine (present)
Andrew W. Mellon/ACLS Recent Doctoral Recipients Fellowships 2010 website 


Erika Balsom website
Dissertation: "Exhibiting Cinema: The Moving Image in Art after 1990"
Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, King's College, London (2013 - present)
Assistant Professor of Film Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa (2011-2013)
Andrew W. Mellon postdoctoral fellow, University of California, Berkeley (2010-2011) 

Eugenie Brinkema website
Dissertation: "The Form of the Affect: Grief, Disgust, Anxiety, and Joy in Film and Critical Theory"
Associate Professor of Contemporary Literature and Media, MIT (2010 - present)

Julie Levin Russo website
Dissertation: "Indiscrete Media: Television/Digital Convergence and Economies of Online Lesbian Fan Communities."
Assistant Professor, Evergreen State College. Washington (2013 - present)
Research Associate of the Five College Women's Studies Reserach Center at Mount Holyoke College, 2012-2013

Michael Loren Siegel
Dissertation: "Roma De Profundis: Post-Economic Miracle Rome and the Films of Dario Argento (1970-1982)"
Special Assistant for Communications, President's office, Rhode Island School of Design (present)
Producer, Action Speaks! Underappreciated Dates that Changed America
Program in Screen Studies, Clark University 


Marc Steinberg website  website 2
Dissertation: "The Emergence of the Anime Media Mix: Character Communication and Serial Consumption"
Associate Professor, Film Studies-Cinema, Concordia University, Canada (present)


Tess Takahashi website
Dissertation: "Impure Film: Medium Specificity and the North American Avant-Garde (1965-2005)"
Assistant Professor, Department of Film, York University 


Karl Schoonover website
Dissertation: "The Visual Made Visible: Neorealism and the Graphic Image"
Associate Professor (Reader) in Film & Television Studies, University of Warwick, UK (present)
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Michigan State University