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Robert ScholesRobert ScholesWelcome! Come in and look around. There are some links here to various aspects of my work as a scholar and teacher.

Who am I? I am a Research Professor at Brown University, based in the Department of Modern Culture and Media. I am also an Emeritus Professor of MCM, English, and Comparative Literature.

What am I doing here? I came to Brown in 1970 as an English Professor, after having taught at the U. of Virginia and the U. of Iowa. I was a founder of the Semiotics Program here, which grew into the Department of Modern Culture and Media. I have taught in three departments--courses in modern literature, art, opera, and theory--but I retired from full-time teaching in 1999. I have written--or had a share in writing--over thirty books, and served as President of both the Semiotic Society of America and the Modern Language Association. Now, as an unpaid Research Professor, I work mainly with graduate students, and do not teach formal courses. The main thing I am doing at present is directing the Modernist Journals Project at Brown, which is becoming a major resource for students of modernism.

My CV can be found here.

My Facebook page is here.

My recent books:

English After the Fall--From Literature to Textuality (U of Iowa Press, 2011).

The "Epilogue" from this book, which proposes a sample program in Textuality, may be found here.



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ModMagCoverModMagCoverModernism in the Magazines--An Introduction (with Clifford Wulfman, Yale U Press, 2010)






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Paradoxy CoverParadoxy CoverParadoxy of Modernism (Yale U Press, 2006)




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Some courses I have taught:

In the Fall of 2003 I taught a graduate seminar in the theory and practice of literary history. Here is a version of the home page for that course, (Comparative Literature 265).

During the Spring Semester of 1998-99, I taught a graduate seminar in Comparative Literature, CO 282.1, called "What was Enlightenment?" that emphasized the work of Mozart and Jane Austen. Here is a schedule for that course.

I also taught a course in MCM, MC 150.6, called "The Rise of the Private Eye." Here is a schedule from that course.

During the fall semester of 1998-99, I taught a course in British writing of the 1930's, called A Low Dishonest Decade, using this syllabus.

Recent Lectures:

"Teaching and Clowning as Modes of Performance" (given at Dalhousie University in September, 2011)

"Academic Writing--Euphemism or Oxymoron" (given at MIT in October, 2011)

Modernist Art in the Magazines, 1893-1922 (given at the ACLA conference at Brown in March, 2012)

Recent Articles

"General Introduction to the Marsden Magazines" (from the MJP web site editions of The Freewoman, The New Freewoman, and The Egoist)

"Modernist Art in a 'Quality' Magazine, 1908-1922" from the Journal of Modern Periodical Studies